Wednesday, 22 June 2016

When it rains in Mumbai.... It really Rains !!!

Mumbai & Rains have a never ending love affair. This part of the world, rains are always a welcome change. It is heartening to see even trees sways their branches acknowledging the arrival of rains, which shows even they are desperately waiting for them. Everyone enjoys the start of monsoon here as it brings a much needed respite from the  long tropical & humid climate, each Mumbaikar passed by. 

We, the Mumbaikars never waste an opportunity to celebrate. For them, even the first drop of rain is also a celebration time. Children splashing water around....drenching & dancing in the rain by youngsters.....housewife's rushing out to pull dry clothes of the clothesline.... motorists, without rain coats and jackets occupying flyover underneaths....people without protections scurrying for cover....these are few of the lively images, one could witness during monsoon.  

Raining time is considered as a time of understanding and compromising. Mumbai is perhaps the only place where being drenched is acceptable in offices. It's even considered as a sign of your tenacity. All vendors in Mumbai even accept wet currency notes because everyone knows, when it rains,  there is no way you can keep them dry. All excuses are considered legit during this time. 

What happens after couple of weeks?  Rains becomes part and parcel of Mumbaikar's life. You will never find anyone out of house without an umbrella even if it seems it wont rain for the day. But we all know rain never comes with prior invitation; it always comes and invite.  

The holidays are of two types here... 

One; Every Mumbaikar even pray to rain god for couple of such days with torrential rains , where the entire offices & schools in Mumbai are closed. No surprise, This happens every year.  

Two; When the intensity of rain increases, Mumbaikars naughtiness too increases. They will even plan to skip a day or two days work. It's an amazing feeling to take an extra siesta while it downpours. This gives a day for yourself.  After a full day rest, towards evening, we even pray for rain to subside as well so that we could go out to have a masala CORN  or Garmagaram (Hot) Bhajia or  desi masala Tea from a street vendor. 

Some are lucky enough to witness the dangerous waves of Arabian sea & few of them are fortunate to find a rainbow peeping out. The petrichor follows actually gives a wonderful feeling. 

Thus in all aspect, rain makes Mumbai one of the most lovable place on this planet. 

Lets enjoy the rains friends.....

Cheers..... Anil Panicker

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Sunday, 19 June 2016

Finally a DAY for all Fathers !!!!

The Origin:  
Fathers believed to have originated in 1908. Some historians honor Mrs. Charles Clayton of West Virginia, as the Founder of Father's Day. The tale is linked to  1907's Monongah mining disaster, in West Virginia. This is one of the worst calamity in US mining history which killed 362 local men. Their deaths widowed 250 women and orphaned more than 1,000 children. Mrs. Clayton wanted to pay tribute to all the dead fathers. Finally a day is born, honoring fathers & their influence in society... a day was born to mark special bond between fathers & their children. 
Still some countries including US were not so keen about this day. The real importance for fathers day finally arrived in the year 1957, when Senator Margaret Chase Smith wrote to Congress & insisted for immediate implementation  like this  "Either we honor both our parents, mother and father, or let us desist from honoring either one. But to single out just one of our two parents and omit the other is the most grievous insult imaginable." 
This call created  a new beginning. Many countries started celebrating fatherhood and male parenting. Although it is celebrated on a variety of dates worldwide, most of them observe this day on the Third Sunday in June.

Why it is to be celebrated
There are many reasons to celebrate fathers day. Father’s Day is celebrated worldwide to recognize the contribution that fathers and fatherly figures make to the lives of their children. For most of us, father is a banker provided by the nature. His equanimity is undoubtedly the best. His composed nature always keeps the family life brimming. Many a times, his tenacity keeps the family tempo moving.  This day recognizes the sacrifices he dedicates to his family with his full life that too without any wish. 

This day is to recognize the person in your life, who holds you when you cry, scolds you when you break the rules, becomes proud as a peacock when you succeed & always keep faith in you even when you fail. He is the person who were there to encourage you when you took the first step. He is the man who makes sure you do what your mother says. He is the man who let you eat ice cream for break fast (only when mother is away), He is the person who taught us how to play rightly the game called "survival"

Knowing & understanding the father is nothing but knowing & understanding the universe. When you interact so closely with your father, you will certainly understand he is more than a hundred school masters. 

On this day, I want to congratulate all the persons who are working diligently to be good fathers whether they are step fathers, surrogate or biological. 

Happy Fathers Day

Cheers.....Anil Panicker

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Sunday, 12 June 2016

12 th June : World Day against Child Labour

Dear Friends,

Never count this as yet another day in your life. This day is crucial to 170 millions of child laborers across globe. Yes; you heard it right... There are 17 crores (170 million) child labours in the world. This means 1 in every 10 children in this world is a child labour.  

Let's get in to some semantics:

They work for average 12-14 hours/day & more than half of them are working in hazardous atmosphere which directly impacts their health, safety & even moral development. It is really shocking to see that, in addition to agriculture, manufacturing & construction; children at very early ages were deployed at life threatening fields like mining, armed conflicts & even sold to sex slavery in brothels. Will you believe there are over 3,00,000 child soldiers forced in to armed combat (Source: UNICEF). The most disturbing news is that, an average of 22000 kids die in the work-field each year, which clearly proves that either most of them are forced laborers or not capable enough to handle the job entrusted to them.

You may certainly frown when you know that majority of them aren't working for strangers, but put to work by their own families without pay. It is estimated that 1 out of every 5 child laborers are ever paid or compensated in anyway for their work.  Many of these kids are either looking for survival at a very young age or obligated to work to help their poor families. Due to this, they were compelled to deal with Bricks & Tools instead of Books & Schools. Yes it's right. Under the circumstances how can they even dream of an education. 

As per the statistics released, the 10 worst countries in the world for child labour are Pakistan, Afghanistan, N Korea, Myanmar, Sudan, D R Congo, Somalia, Ethiopia, Burundi & Zimbabwe. These countries make up two thirds of all child labours globally. India too is in the race for catching up to this list. 

What we can do to control Child Labour:

Many organizations are working at various levels "against child labour". Many policies in this regard were put forth by UNICEF. A big question coming up here is "how effective are these policies"? This day is observed on June 12 th of every year aiming to bring awareness to the plight of child laborers all around the world & EFFECT CHANGE.  Yes, they are looking at us. Are we capable of initiating a change?. I would suggest few steps. 

  • Take a solemn pledge that I will never engage or encourage child labour
  • Be a member of an NGO, who is working on the rehabilitation of street children
  • Donate funds generously. 
  • Sponsor education for at least 1 child
  • Help Government to stop child labour. 

We can always provide RESPITE, if not a complete SOLUTION 

Cheers.... Anil Panicker

Sunday, 5 June 2016

World Environment Day: June 5

As a responsible human being, what we should do on this special day

Gratitude for our ancestors: Let us start with thisWe are enjoying this planet because our ancestors did their level best to protect it. They gave us a wonderful platform to work with. 
Clean up: Do whatever you can to clean up our climate.
Raise your voice: Whenever your see our planet is being misused, raise your voice
Concern for futurelet our future generations too enjoy the sublime beauty of our planet. 

Let us make more sacrifices so that we can handover a better world to our followers. 

Cheers... Anil Panicker

Should we get weird about getting older....

This blog is not for those who keeps an extraordinary aversion to ageing. Respect ageing.... Respect aged people.

Age is just a concept that humans created. That's why some are old at 20's & some are young even at 90's. We have never seen old age in Mother Teresa... what we have seen is only peace and wisdom. We have never seen old age in Capt. Harland Sanders... but always we have seen passion with a positive attitude (Remember, Capt. Sanders started KFC when he was 62)

The right attitude should be to see " old age is always twenty years older than I am ". Remember, a man growing old becomes a child again... People who are older, behaves as same as children. They pay less attention to what others say. They just watch what they do. You are turning out to be a good observer & a better listener, the 2 good qualities most of us miss when we were young.  The behavioral study proves that life is all about knowing, suspecting & believing. It's the young which knows everything, it's the middle age which suspects everything & it's the old, which knows & believes everything while keeping no room for suspicion. What a wonderful time to have !!!!

Still some worry about getting old. Some are unable to face this reality in life. They visualize old age as a period of dotage. Some are worried about loosing their looks & curves. A study in US shows that there are 41% of women over the age 65 are using clinics. Are they trying to get rid of this ageing. Please understand age is not a disease to be cured or eradicated. What we can do is " practice to grow old gracefully"

How can we do this?
  • First & foremost is to accept the fact that growing old is mandatory. You don't have any control on this. But remember growing up is optional.. where you have full control. 
  • Wisely use your maturity & experience gained over the years, to overcome the dotage
  • Never think about fear and regrets. You are so seasoned & you know both as stupids.
  • Understand growing old is a privilege denied to many. Rejoice it
  • Remember, positive attitude can overcome anything. People with positive attitude continue to stay healthier & longer. 

Grow up ..... stay YOUNG....

Cheers...Anil Panicker

Wednesday, 1 June 2016

There are many reasons to smile !!

As per me, the first thing one should do in the morning is to " smile" 

We often smile when something happens to others. Many a times those are of wry nature, which is neither good for the received nor the giver. I am talking about the Smile, which occurs when something happens well within you. 

Now let us discuss why to start the day with a smile: 

Are you aware the fact that 1 million out of 700 crores who goes to bed, never gets up to a next day morning.  You are not a part to it. Means the almighty has given you 24 hours of extension to your life. This could be the first reason to smile. 

Assuming 10 close relatives to those 1 million, means on daily basis, 10 million people are loosing their dear & near ones .  I am sure, you haven't received a bad news today. You have ample reason to smile again

Look out through your window. Could you see the Sun right up. Means the epitome of energy came up even today.  What will happen if sun doesn't come up. The entire planet will seize in less than 18 hours. I am not exaggerating. That's the power of the Sun. You have the biggest reason to smile once more.

Is there any collision in the entire cosmos. " Nothing", I am sure. I wouldn't be  blogging at this moment had there one. Everything is intact & wonderfully balanced. Can we have one more smile.  

These are biggest things for existence. Never take them for granted. 

It's not happy people who are thankful...It is thankful people who are happy....Let's have an attitude of gratitude... 

Cheers.........Anil Panicker