Tuesday, 31 May 2016

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Anti-Tobacco Day : May 31 st

Some facts about smoking:

  • 23% of all adults are smokers. 
  • Smoke from cigarette contains 4800 chemicals & out of those 69 can cause cancers.
  • Average age of those who are using tobacco for the first time is 13 (Really disturbing)
  • Tobacco reduces the life by 14 years. 
  • More than 20 million people have at least 1 disease from smoking
  • Secondhand smoker’s death ratio is 10% to that of firsthand smokers. 

It's the only Industry where its customers pays huge profits back to the company for draining their purses.  It’s the only industry where the company with their products, kills their best customers.

One side people are trying their level best to enhance the quality of life & on other side some are just spoiling this gifted life. Someone rightly said “ a cigarette is nothing but a fire at one end, a fool at the other & a bit of tobacco in between” Never be a fool 

There is no specific day like Anti-tobacco day. It’s the responsibility of each individual to make every day an anti-Tobacco day

Warm regards, Anil Panicker

Monday, 30 May 2016

Stupid Time Management Study by an Indian Corporate !!!!!

This happened to one of my friends who worked with one of India's reputed corporate's.  As the Warehouse In-charge, he was solely responsible for the entire related functions of this warehouse, which is considered as a feeder warehouse & one of most potential. 

The hard work & dedication made him the best among the lot. Time passed by....business and workload increases multi fold. When stretching nerves & late hours sitting doesn't suffice, he requested for an assistant who could be a helping hand. Initial response from Boss was an emphatic " NO". He further tried to justify his case with practical issues. But Boss was thinking otherwise. " Why you need ?. I am getting all reports on time. No complaints from HO. Means all jobs On time".  Yes, Boss is always right. Why helping hand when jobs are on time? That was a profound realization for him. From that day on wards, his routines changed. Office hours restricted to 9.30 am- 5 pm no matter whether heaven falls. Some actions speaks louder than words. Reports starts getting delayed.... few complaints from HO....now Boss started feeling the heat & finally decided to buckled down himself. 

Boss wrote to HO & even this request went under the carpet. You know why?   because there were "Bosses" above him as well. Indian corporate's national game " Beat around the bushes" was going on for couple of months. This was followed by Hot-Cold technology,  which is nothing but keeping such requests in oven & freezer alternatively till it takes a natural death. Even though the continuous follow up infuriated few of them, they decided to act. Management deputed 2 observers to his workplace, who will monitor the whole day activities and prepare a time study report to understand the time consumption for each job. A day was fixed & my friend was asked to perform the duty under the close supervision of HO observers. 

Day activities went like this

Observers reached office at sharp 9.30 am.....my friend reached 20 minutes late.....some fender bender on roads... whom to blame?. I haven't seen him coming late in my career. That particular day, that happened !! Observer's report stated negative remark about his punctuality. Bling !

Just 3 customers came on that day. This was much low compared to a daily average of 13 to 14. The observers noted this point. Bling !!!

Another daily job was to clear some inward consignments. This was time consuming due to local body duties clearance. That day, no consignments, unfortunately. First time like this in almost 18 months. Bling !!!

Then came cash deposit. Bank was almost 8-9 Kms away. Normally he used to travel in a Rick as both official cars might be invariably be engaged. That day both the cars were intact in the parking lot desperately looking for a drive. Reached bank in less than 15 minutes time. (On an average, looking for a rick & travel to Bank alone requires 40 minutes everyday). One of the observer really lost his cool. Bling IIII

Entered in to bank expecting normal long queues. To his amazement, the cashier was standing outside with a cigarette dangling between his fingers. That day for the first time, he had a full darshan (Look) of the cashier. Normally he could see only his bald head & the stretched out hands. One of the observer look ghastly at him. Bling !!!!!. 

When they went back, the observers submitted their detailed report. The report concluded like this....It is surprised to note that Mr. ABC ( My friend), who has got high potential is heavily underutilized.  

Action came so fast this time ( No Beating around bushes & no hot-cold technology). 

From that day on wards management decided to utilize him to the "fullest"

Dear friends, Check the days....some of them are not having 24 hours. 

Cheers......Anil Panciker

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Who is Richest?

If this question is being thrown to millions across globe, invariably most would give an answer linked to economics.  Means, the man holding maximum stacks of money under his belt would be referred as “Richest” (Is it the bank account balance? or the money stacked in gunny bags…. My skepticism only will grow if I go in to the semantics, which I am least bothered)

Does the “Amount of money holding” the right criteria of measuring richness? I call this as the most rudimentary way of looking at.  Why we always link economics, every time we refer to richness & poorness. If money alone can make you richer, why some of such richest have poor health & broken relationships. How come they are not among the happiest. 

My two cents worth!!!

Why people with aesthetic splendor were not the richest?
Why people with incomparable artistic brilliance were not considered as the richest?
Why the best scholars were not treated as the richest?
Why people mastered the art of relationship maintenance were not referred as the richest?
Why people with best health were not the richest?
Why the most happiest person is not the richest?

Friends, money doesn’t make you richer. Real wealth depends on how you value yourself. 

Together we will re-define the term “RICHNESS”

Cheers…. Anil Panicker

Are you a Stress Human or a Humor Human .. ?

How important is humor to human beings. Some says "it is very essential" while others say "it's OK up to a certain extent". But no one will deny the fact that humor has a paramount importance in our life. 

Who likes humor most: Those who love to listen, laugh & smile
Who dislikes humor most: Only those, who love to move towards stress. 

My tips to those who love to laugh & smile:

Guys, you are on the right track. Humor should be the greatest attribute one should have to lighten the burden of mental stress. Good that you have it. Laughter can be the best medicine to your body & of course smiling is the most economical way to have a good look. It is not only good for your health, but it also reinforces your relationships with your family & friends. Humor not only takes one away from sufferings of the world, it also helps to make life possible even in adversity.  Humor also helps you to stay positive and to have optimistic attitude. The smiling faces always attracts others & the first impression they create would be impeccable. A humor person can influence others and that's the reason they will always be the center of attractions. 

 My simple question to those who follow stress & love to worry:

Does too much worrying reduces or takes away your tomorrow's problems ? The answer is "No". It only spoils today's peace. Then why worry ? 

Never think too much about past, it brings TEARS
Never think too much about Future, it brings FEARS

Always live the moment with smile... it brings Cheers... 
Have cheers.... Anil Panicker

Monday, 16 May 2016

Family Matters … !

Family is not an important thing. It’s everything. Becoming a family member is absolutely an amazing feeling. It’s equally amazing to be part & parcel of those wonderful moments when all family members join & cherish together. Every member of the family keep the root same, though each member grows in different directions. This uniqueness makes the family fonder & special. It’s the place where we make maximum mistakes & still forgive. It’s the place where we look real & still have fun.

Family teaches the importance of being healthy. It upholds the values of loyalty & helps us enjoy the spirit of life.  As per me, the seven attributes that keep the family life brimming are Love, Sacrifice, Commitment, Respect, Trust, Protection & Guidance. It is the only institution where problems never last too long. It’s the only place where everyone works towards the common objective called LOVE. It’s the only place where every member of the family possesses a sense of belonging without sacrificing individual independence.

Then why some families stumble?

The answer is simple. This happens ONLY when the members failed to devote quality time.

The last thing to do is mixing up of family & official matters. The family time should be seen as the sacred time. Remember, the greatest happiness in life always spin around family happiness.

The greatest gift you can give someone is your TIME. Dedicating TIME means dedicating LIFE.

Cheers….., Anil Panicker

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Thursday, 12 May 2016

International Nurses Day: May 12

Nurses are the ambassadors for  improving health systems resilience. Your services to the community are undoubtedly the best. You make all the difference in the world with your love, care & dedication.  

Of course this day is special for all the Nurses across globe. We, the Non-Nurses community too celebrate & view this DAY seriously to make sure we too care, respect & value the services the " Nurses" have been providing all along. 

It's in my prayer that may all the care & kindness you give to others come back to warm your heart as well. 

Congratulations to one and all on this very special day. 

with warm regards, Anil Panicker
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