Saturday, 30 April 2016

Politically Exposed

Of late, everyone gets to see lot of politicians on the roads. No surprise… elections are nearing. Many of them are visiting their constituencies after a long gap. Some of them seem perplexed while others look desperate. Some of them trying to recollect the promises & commitments made during the last campaign while others trying to cover up the ignominious act which might have happened during the tenure. Anyway, all are back in action. Colorful hoardings & cutouts occupied the entire constituency.

Why our current politicians requires all such marketers. In spite this, why they still flounder? Without any such hype, how come people like Gandhi & Sardar Patel became our inspiration? Every action they initiated, millions of people followed them.  Today’s politicians find it extremely difficult to add followers list, even though, “following” has become as simple as click of a button now. In my opinion, the following qualities separate them from current politicians.

 Humility: The humbleness made the entire nation attracted towards them.   
      Ability:  Their potential to analyze & address the issues made millions their followers.

Dear politicians: India prospers only when common man impressed. You only will have to be blamed if you fail to do so. 

Regards.....Anil Panicker
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Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Crossing Lines !!!

Crossing lines can give mixed feelings as it purely depends on circumstances. For a Rugby player, crossing line is a success symbol. No one in the planet would know the feeling better than Usain Bolt, when he crossed the line at Berlin in 9.58 seconds. Recall the ecstasy dear Tortoise had after crossing the line to emerge as the winner against speedy Hare. But what about those fisher men who were taken to Pakistan's jail after crossing the international boarder line. In Ramayana, crossing a line cost Sita most of her life. (The flip side is that had Sita not crossed the line, Ram would not have killed Ravana as well.) 

There are Helplines which always offers you help & can approach them with out any hesitation. If you have to become successful in life, you have to cross the line which separates you from your comfort zone because life begins at the end of your comfort zone. Also remember, in religious belief system, crossed lines are the symbol of purity & supreme sacrifice. 


Today's youth who often languish in pleasure should know where exactly to draw & stay within the line as far as their crazy adventures and sex exploration are concerned. Argument with the boss can prolong till he yells out "you are crossing the line".  

Some people criticize others for crossing the line without actually realizing who has actually done it.  

Every line has it's significance. It should be sensible to analyze which to cross, which not to & which to refrain 

Have a great day... Regards Anil Panicker
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Sunday, 24 April 2016

Sachin's Birthday today

Happy Birthday, Sachin.
Runs & records aside, you are truly a gentleman. An idol & legend in the truest sense. 
You are the inspiration for we, the 1.27 Billion people. 

A million prayers for you. 


Anil Panicker
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Your Ideal of a Truly Great Man

I am of the opinion that every man in this world has his own human greatness. Only the platforms may be different. Some worship power, some worship knowledge, some worship service & some worship true love. But my vision about the truly great man is different. 

According to me, the truly great man should be the person who has influenced your life more than anything. He should be the person whom one should know & feel best. That’s why my ideal of a truly great man is none other than my father. He is the man who has influenced me most & get to know me the best. He is the one I see the most and have known for a long time.  He always stands by my side & whenever I fall down, he encourages me to stand up by myself. He may skip any of his comforts, but all these years, I have not seen him saying NO to any of my demands, even at the time of dire straits. He always encourages me for higher education & made me understand the value of education. He also taught me the right behaviors & manners. He gave me the greatest gift anyone could give another person, he believed in me. Yes, I admire him as the truly great man of my life.

Throughout life he taught me the importance of being & staying positive with confidence & honesty. He always says “If you lie to someone means you are lying yourself. Various occasions, he proved to me that every bad situation in the world begins with a lie. He always emphasizes the importance of staying positive. As per him, even a dead clock shows correct time twice a day. He taught me things that I need in life. Throughout his life, he is always been selfless. One of the greatest thing I have observed from my father is even though he loves me so much, he never get lost in the labyrinth of unfounded love and criticized me strongly for all wrong doings and drawbacks. This helped me to become more sensible in life. I will give full credit to him for whatever I achieve in my life. I can proudly say he is & he will be my Ideal of a Truly Great Man. 


Anil Panicker

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Friday, 22 April 2016

Earth Day : April 22

Today is the day of our Earth. Yes, April 22 nd is celebrated as Earth Day. & the theme identified for the year is  "Trees for the Earth" On this day, leaders from 160+ countries will officially sign the Climate Agreement which was discussed & finalized in Paris a year back. Hope there will be some respite for our Earth and some respect for it's inhabitants in future. 

The brutal exploitation of the Earth by humans started around 100 years back & is still continuing in gruesome manner. Our activities may or may not be deliberate. But all we need to understand that our poor Earth is taking the toll in the most heaviest manner.  The concept of Earth Day started in 1970 after a devastating oil spill in Santa Barbara where entire ocean was contaminated & in turn eliminated millions and millions of water inhabitants. This created a huge uproar among the natural lovers across globe which resulted in the formation of Earth Day  The main intention was to enhance appreciation for nature & to ensure dedicated support for its protection. 

Of late,  Earth day has gained so much popularity & is being seen as the largest and the most impact face of environmental movement.  It is great to see that more than 190 counties celebrate Earth Day every year. Even though experts are trying their level best to keep global warming under 1.5 degree Celsius, the onus lies on every individual as well.  This day should be a reminder to treat earth with kindness

How can we work towards this  

Societies & communities can focus on following

1) Planting surroundings with enough tress
2) Raising awareness about proper re-cycling
3) Volunteering green projects
4) Reducing the amount of energy we consume 
5) Make use of most of the wind, water & solar resources for energy creation. 

Any normal person can be part of Earth Day without attending an event as well. Some of them are: 

Today you ensure you walk to work
Today, you have a coffee in a reusable cup
Go paperless at least for today.
Plant a tree
Let today be a day of meat and dairy free

It is high time we should understand the importance of Trees. Only Trees can absorb the excess CO 2 from atmosphere. It is also proved beyond point that 1 acre of mature trees absorbs the CO 2 generated from 25000 miles of motor driving. Trees help us breathe clean air  & most importantly it provides food energy and Income. It is much appreciable to note as an initial drive, this year it is decided to plant 7.8 Billion trees across globe.

Come on & be a part of this drive. Let's start now & let's not stop. Let us together make Earth day as the most important day in our life.  


Anil Panicker

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Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Technology made you BIGGER or JOYFUL ?

From the very childhood we often represent our earth as epitome of Gigantism. Does the same earth has become smaller these days. The answer is YES, if you see from social media perspective. It has helped you to connect with anyone & everyone on this planet within a matter of few clicks. The modern technology makes it easy for people to communicate even when they are in different hemispheres of the world. It has become so facile nowadays to know the whereabouts, work movements & achievements of friends & relatives. 

The impact of technical advancement are so big that the humans started considering themselves as bigger than the planet. Some young kids are so expert in dealing gadgets which makes their parents feel that the entire Cosmos is on their finger tips. There are people thinking that the planet not goes around the Sun but actually goes around them. Some of them feels they are immortal. Yes, we have advanced so much. Never before another generation of people having as comfortable as we are today. All this makes us feel like super humans. 

But are we the most joyful one?  No.. not at all. Why? Why are we still miserable? This means it is not the technological advancement which determines the human life to become joyful or miserable. Then what decides this? 

First & foremost is to know the interiority. No one is immortal as everyone comes with expiry dates. People will start loving each other, if everyone accepts this profound realization in life. Next is sharing. Conquering never makes life complete but sharing does. Real life doesn't come from getting everything but it comes from sharing with the people who matter. Only the act of sharing will give you the immense joy you are looking for. 

Let us use the technological advancement for sharing & caring... I am sure we all will have joyful life......

Cheers... Anil Panicker

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Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Cleanliness is not a Dirty Word

Swachh Bharat Mission, one of the greatest step our PM has initiated, is the main inspiration for me to post this blog. I really appreciate the effort taken by him to introspect the minuscule of issues. It is also commendable that he sets example himself for all the actions he initiated. I am sure, many intellectuals might have raised their eyebrows & termed this as whacky in the initial stage. I feel the other way. I am of the opinion that this mission could be the best thing ever happened to our country since independence.  Even such an act in our country requires 65 long years !! Anyway, better late than never. 

It is also decided to observe 30 th January of every year as National Cleanliness Day. In past as well, many such days were born in India. How many of them really made impact. It is our collective responsibility to ensure that National Cleanliness Day should not be a symbolic observance but should be a wake up call to all 127 crores of people to maintain high standards of cleanliness in our homes, workplace, roads, streets & public places. Even though, this day instigates the drive, the act should continue through out the year. Every Indian citizen must be his own scavenger. 

Many people avoid dirt & claim themselves as clean. This is wrong. A clean person never avoids dirt instead take time to tidy-up the dirt. I have a habit of throwing trash out of cars while on move & claims myself as clean. Cleanliness to us means our own house and materials. Society or the country never matters to us.  On a certain day, I threw something out of car when I was travelling with my family. My ten year old daughter noted this act & started giving me a lecture about Mission Swachh Bharat & need for adherence. My pleading of "such act wont be repeated" was not enough for an agreement. Finally, I had to pick the trash back & and kept with me till I could see a right disposable place. That was the impact this mission made on young minds. 

Cleanliness will be a part and parcel to those who have purity in mind. Clean surroundings are not only our home but all that surrounds the home. This is possible only when one practices random acts of cleanliness everyday. We may be highly successful in your own field but we may be termed as slob, if cleanliness is not part of our life. Cleanliness is rated as equal to degree of sense. Even in various religious belief system it is clearly mentioned that God likes those who keeps themselves & the environment pure and clean. As per QURAN, cleanliness is half of belief. 

Quoting Mahatma's words " Cleanliness is next to Godliness"

Together lets keep our country clean.


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Saturday, 2 April 2016

A Day in LIFE

The whole day was not good for me. You know what's the reason. 

Getting restless as Summer in Mumbai is picking up. Mosquitoes are working overtime. They feel I am only delicious. Severe water shortage makes me think thrice at least twice before flushing. While on roads, people just don't obey traffic rules & this makes me feel terrible. Traffic was horrible. The rickshaws as usual occupied the entire roads. I tried to jump the signal but was halted due to an intruding rickshaw. I looked at him with a fuming face & he too flashed a nasty one at me. I even cried why don't these rickshaws call for yet another strike. The condition of the roads were appalling.  In totality I am pissed off. Nothing is going right. 

I just stopped the car. I was thinking why nothing is going right. I thought of taking 'Google's help. I often do this. I entered "nothing is going right what should I do" Here comes the answer " If nothing goes right... go left "  Little confused.. Should I curse myself or this search engine. This stupidity cost me an extra 5 minutes. Needless to say I am late by 20 minutes to the office. Was the Boss's face glowering.. I couldn't read properly. After couple of minutes, with an "I don't care" attitude, went to his room. He was in pretty good mood. May be he would have reached late too. He wished me " Have a Good Day... I murmured " If you really wish, send me home". I was looking for the office boy to have some water & coffee. It is always easy to find a black cat in a dark room but not this man. For a change he appeared... I asked what I need. Another 10 minutes both came to my table. The water was warm but not coffee. Decided to be more wiser this time. Before getting more colder, Just gulped the coffee. I just opened my bag, connected my laptop. One more problem. This time no network connection. I am lost now... Why such a day. I started feeling this day as the most horrendous day in my life.

Friends, Many of you must have come across such days in life. What we normally do .... blaming others, cursing self & finally label that day as the most horrible. Now Let me start my journey once again.  

I  got up in the morning...Please understand about 1 million people who goes to bed never wake up to a next day morning... I am not part of that 1 million. I have got 24 hours of extension to my life. Should I worry or should I believe I am blessed. I just looked through the window & I could see people standing in long queue to have their biological needs. At least I have a home. Should I worry or should I believe I am blessed. While on my move, I saw a bunch of people running madly behind a bus who is not even bothered to stop. When these drivers behave like this, the respite for Mumbaikers are their favorite "Rickshaw's". If they are on strike means half of Mumbai goes stranded. I should not have even imagined of that. I just started my stereo.. it was playing a nice song from an Indian biographical film " Manjhi - The mountain man". The story was of a poor labourer from Bihar, India who with his back-breaking labour carved a path for more than 110 meters, using only a chisel and hammer. This act helped the entire villagers to gain access to a nearby village for medical-care which wasn't possible till that time. When we have people who initiated such actions &  underwent huge sufferings, what am I doing. Simply sitting in the car & make a survey of the appalling condition of our roads. Had an opportunity, I would have jumped the signal which means preaching perfectionism is easier said than done. 

Friends, The life is like a Road journey.  It's your road and yours alone. Others may walk with you but no one can walk it for you... Not even "Google".  How many times you must have wished your office boy. How may times you must have inquired about him & his families well beings. By expecting a hot coffee, you are worried only about your well-beings. Does worrying settle your internet connection issue. What you can do is Inform the concerned & till that time you take a relaxing round. This time can be used for having a chat with all your colleagues which will re-charge & make you fit for the day's work. 

The Problem is not the problem. The actual problem is your attitude about the problem. Change your attitude. I am sure you yourself will feel blessed. 

I am enjoying a hot coffee now.... Do you

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Friday, 1 April 2016

Precious OR Perfect

Precious OR  Perfect : Which ONE are YOU looking for

This recalls one of the commercials which appeared in TV  a couple of weeks back. It was about Diamond pendants. They claim their pendants as perfect & absolutely precious. Yes, only such things can be precious & perfect. We the human beings never fall in such category. We can either be precious or perfect. I am not disputing which one is better. But let me put my two cents worth. 

We never measure ourselves in carats. We never follow users manuals as a curriculum when we grow. We follow simple procedures which makes us happy. But the saddest point is that some of us still  look for perfection in life & in the process ruin the relationships. These people are not learning the fact that they are neglecting the preciousness in life. The two categories which really suffers are your own spouses & parents. In this blog, I would like to talk about parents & their worthiness.  

Many of you may feel you have imperfect parents but please understand they are the most precious gift God has ever given you. Our parents taught us how to smile but are we the prime reason for their smile.  The best feeling in the world is to know that your parents are smiling because of you.

God give us life with happy & sad moments. As long as you are with parents, they won’t allow you to feel the pressure & sad moments. At the same time, they will teach you how to face & overcome the sad moments in future as well.  You are here today because of your parents. You may feel on top of the world & confident today but origin of that confidence was rooted on you by your parents because of the unconditional trust they have entrusted on you.  You may feel your parent as imperfect. But if you feel you are perfect, then the credit goes to them because they have parented you perfectly. 

Friends, there is no such thing as a perfect parent. There are only real parents.  Let us all thank to the almighty because we all have one. 


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U Turns in Life

U-Turns in Life

We all take U-turns in life. Right from the moment of our birth, taking U-turns have become an essential part of our life. Reason may vary.... sometimes to dodge problems, sometimes to surrender,  sometimes to save our face & sometimes even to make the best moves in life. Normally 2 things associated with this decisions. One is an internal act which is the change of mind & the other one is an external act, which is to provide justifications or reasons to those who were affected badly due to this act of yours. If the justifications provided are not convincing, you will be blamed for this reckless act & may even be noted as flaky or a person with perplexed mind.  So it is imperative that you explain & convince others about this change of mind.

What to consider when making a U-Turn

When it comes to the very decisions of your life, taking a U-turn is always advisable. Same way, U-turns are absolutely needed when you realized that you were living the wrong life all these days. There’s nothing really wrong in reversing your choices as long as you know what makes you more happy. Better late than never policy works out well here. Only thing one need to have is proper introspection before getting in to such decisions.  This can be arrived if you have proper answers to all reflective questions related to this.  
"If you are headed in the wrong direction, God allows U Turns"
In other words, taking a U-turns are advisable if it improves the quality of your life without disturbing other's peace. 


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The art of making friendship

The art of making friendship

How do you know you are with good people. When you do yourself something horrible or badly & no one is bothering to stop you, then I strongly feel you are with wrong people. But it has a flip side as well. Why they are behaving to you like this. Why they are not stopping you from bad deeds. Why can't you get along with them & make them your friends. 

Even though everyone around you are of different types but please understand  " no one is all evil" . But it is our perception on that individual which determines whether someone is good or bad & we start behaving to him in that fashion. If you are capable of enhancing your perception & able to find out the GOOD in everyone, they will certainly be good to you as well. Means you will be surrounded with only good people, good thoughts & positivity.  But if you are a master of finding evil from others, everything goes in a haphazard manner & please analyse who is going to be the loser.  

How this is possible: 

We can start with the best, the greatest still the most economical panacea for all ills. Yes, it is "smile" which is abundant with every one. Use freely. 

Next step is Just wait..... Most of the problems & misunderstanding happens when you are not giving enough time. When you are angry with someone or pissed off with somebody, I am sure you haven't given them enough time. You need to understand some people requires less time while others a lot. Just give them some more time. When you wait, I am sure people will surprise & impress you...

Now.. Go out.... make everyone your true friends & enjoy your life


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