Tuesday, 30 August 2016


Learn "how to live LIFE KING Size "
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Believe in you:

Only right attitude people can uphold the truth " life gets better day by day". Form a devise in mind  "we are the captain of our ship & master of our destiny"  Never underestimate yourself. Everyone needs to understand the fact "you are not a drop in the ocean but the entire ocean in a drop". When life is as we think, what stops you from thinking positively. The positive thinker sees the invisible, feels the intangible & achieves the impossible. Friends, it is your journey & yours alone. Others may walk with you, but no one can walk it for you. 

Never Give up:

Good things come to those who believe, better things come to those who wait & the best thing come to those who don’t give up. It's a proven fact that every bad situation  happens to you will have  3 choices: 

It can define you...... It can destroy you.....OR....It can strengthen you

It's very essential to understand  that "we are not a finished product but an unfinished one with work still in progress". Never stop learning because life never stops teaching. So never settle in life. Assessment of the situation is equally important to understand what exactly gone wrong. Do not look where you fell, but look where you slipped. The student in you should be alert all the time.  Lord Budha rightly said  when the student is ready, the teacher will appear. 

Keep a watch on Time:

Time is one of the most important factor in life. We say we waste time. That’s impossible. We waste ourselves. Friends, Time is stationary, only we come & go. If you are 30 years old, you only have less than 15000 days to live. If you are 40 years, you only have slightly above 10000 days to live. 

Use of TIME while TIME teaches us the value of TIME.  It is equally important that "you never put your time & energy on such things which doesn’t require any intelligence"

Trust in Creator:

Friends, this is a very important point. Every one of us should understand that there are few things which are beyond your comprehension. When creations are around, there should be a creator. Creations are nothing but the creator embedded. It is never too late to reconnect with your creator. Have an unconditional trust on him. He hears more than we say, gives more than we imagine... but in his own way.... So have faith. He has given us 86400 seconds a day. use ONE to say "thank you"


Cheers....Anil Panicker

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Wednesday, 24 August 2016

India & Rio Olympics

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India went to Rio Olympics with 118 members, its biggest ever contingent. The list included many greats  & some of them were pegged as real medal contenders. Few of them were even crowned  as champions much before the game actually started. The expectations were sky high. Indian Olympic Association claims minimum 10 medals while Goldman Sachs came up with a prediction of 8 medals including one Gold. We, 1.27 billion Indian's too were confident that Rio will better the previous all game numbers. For your better understanding, we took 6 medals in London 2012 games. 

Indian athletes proved everyone wrong & ended up with mere 2 medals. First 12 days were totally dried up & went without a medal. Finally in the latter part of the games, we managed 1 Silver & 1 Bronze. Courtesy PV Sindhu & Sakshi Malik. These couple of medals took our country to finally finish 67 th on medal tally. In all means, there was no denying that Rio was an absolute stinker for the subcontinent. 

It's not the number of medals but  the level of performances, which are discussed here. Barring  8 to 9 creditable achievements, rest all were just mediocre level performances (as per Olympic standards). Why all such big events turned out an exercise in despair for a country, which is immense in human diversity. The big question comes here are;

Whether our athletes are competent enough?
Whether our organizations / sports body's have a clear vision?
Whether our athletes are prepared for Olympics?
Whether our preparations are at par with other countries?

The first & foremost reason for the debacle is "India does not have a sports culture". What we need is a synergized sports culture, which can be brought to the system through a fundamental overhaul.  Easier said than done.... still this suggestion can't be called as "pie in the sky". Once the culture is in place, the next biggest challenge should be to re-invent our strategy on sports. Our present strategy of  "we never treat the disease... we only perform postmortem" should change. 

How can we ourselves re-invent our strategy on sports? 

First; Refrain from too much worshiping of  Cricket. 
Second; To focus on 7 to 8 sports events where our country has parent competence... setting up infrastructure facilities at local / regional levels to popularize & drive these sports.   
Third; Create a culture that identifies the "best"....Coach Gopichand rightly said " The best will come out of you only if you put your heart & soul into it" . Identify the organizers & the athletes who are willing to put their heart & soul into it. We need to understand Olympics is not a forum where one country's best should be nominated....Rather this should be the forum where the world's best should contest. Potential at world level matters here. This should be in back of mind while selecting athletes for Olympics.  Look for athletes who have the ability to punch above one's weight. 
Fourth; The last stage is to foster them, train them & reward them so that they stay motivated. While it is the individuals responsibility to follow the passion with continued dedication, commitment & perseverance, it is the nation's responsibility to ensure our athletes are trained at world class infrastructures & that too under world class coaches. 

Am confident, necessary changes will soon be inducted into our system 

Awaiting to be part of history in Tokyo 2020

Cheers....Anil Panicker

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Saturday, 13 August 2016

The Greatest Mistake all of us commit !!!

The greatest mistake, all of us commit are "opportunities missed". 

What stops people from identifying opportunities. The reasons are either our inability to find one or to act on time. 

Where to look for opportunities: The opportunity never happens on its own. We create them. Remember, the universe hands you with "opportunity determinants" for a while. But, this  can be visible to those who have the power of vision. Vision as per me is the ability to see invisible things. If you can see invisible, you can achieve impossible. Your presence of mind & equanimity makes all the difference. 

The ability to create opportunities are related to human intuitiveness about life.  A person aspiring for higher standards in life or aiming for enhancement in life quality, always be in pursuit of options which gives him the necessary uplift. Opportunities are nothing but the end product of all such efforts. More opportunities' comes to your way, if you are more proactive in approach. In other words, opportunity dances with those, who are already on the dance floor. Knowing more about the world gives you more opportunities in return. Remember, it's about time. Opportunities are available to those who act on time. Overcoming & achieving are merely tenacity. 

Loss of Opportunity: Mainly there are 3 factors contributing to it. 

No time: Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work. We may blame our work & busy schedule. No one is busy in this world. It's all about priorities. By saying "I don't have time', you are making it clear "I don't want to". Make time & be in control.

Own mindset: This also contributes a lot. Mindset acts in various forms. It can be friend or a foe. Nothing much you can do, if enemy is well within you. It stops your progress. What actually requires is a growth mindset. Follow your mind (meditation may help) closely. I am sure, this will help to convert even failures to opportunities. 

Fear Factor: Why under same circumstances, some people break records while others break themselves. The reason is very simple. The people who break records are living on their dreams while others are living on fears.  People who are afraid of making mistakes are less likely to make exceptional or innovative steps.  

What about those opportunities, which are already lost. Someone definitely must have en-cashed the ones, you missed. In a nutshell, the opportunities are never lost. 

Last but not the least..... Be a people builder. Successful people look for opportunities to help others . Encourage others to find their best too. 

Cheers..........Anil Panicker
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Sunday, 7 August 2016

Aug 7 : Happy Friendship DAY

Friends are the most important ingredient to this recipe called LIFE. 

But who is a real friend:   

A real friend is the one, who never tries to impress you but always tries to surprise you. If someone tries to impress upon you, you have all the liberty to get impressed. But that guy is not your real friend. 

A real friend is the one, who always argues with you & proves you wrong all the time.... Never feel bad. He is just giving constructive criticism.

A real friend is the one who keep on disturbing you & insulting you. Never feel bad... the intention is; he doesn't want you to feel lonely. 

A real friend is the one who teaches you various lessons on daily basis. Some are painful, some are painless.... but all are priceless, which you wont get it from anywhere else. 

A real friend is the one who is willing to spend TIME, the most precious thing on this planet , exclusively on you. 

A real friend is the one who offers you various means in life which keeps you always puzzled, but eventually makes your day end with a smile. 

When you see yourself doing something badly & nobody is bothering to tell you anymore, take it for granted that you are NOT with your good friends. Never expect your friend to accept or say YES to all your stupidities. A good friend, once said "YES"  will stand by that in all aspects. 

Abraham Lincoln once said " If friendship is your weakest point; then you are the strongest person in the world. 

Now the Biggest question: Have you added a new friend to your fleet today.. not yet ?? Options are many.....your car washer..... your security.....your vegetable vendor... your paperwala..........They are just a call away........

Understand their world & make them your friend...........

Cheers.....Anil Panicker

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