Sunday, 5 June 2016

Should we get weird about getting older....

This blog is not for those who keeps an extraordinary aversion to ageing. Respect ageing.... Respect aged people.

Age is just a concept that humans created. That's why some are old at 20's & some are young even at 90's. We have never seen old age in Mother Teresa... what we have seen is only peace and wisdom. We have never seen old age in Capt. Harland Sanders... but always we have seen passion with a positive attitude (Remember, Capt. Sanders started KFC when he was 62)

The right attitude should be to see " old age is always twenty years older than I am ". Remember, a man growing old becomes a child again... People who are older, behaves as same as children. They pay less attention to what others say. They just watch what they do. You are turning out to be a good observer & a better listener, the 2 good qualities most of us miss when we were young.  The behavioral study proves that life is all about knowing, suspecting & believing. It's the young which knows everything, it's the middle age which suspects everything & it's the old, which knows & believes everything while keeping no room for suspicion. What a wonderful time to have !!!!

Still some worry about getting old. Some are unable to face this reality in life. They visualize old age as a period of dotage. Some are worried about loosing their looks & curves. A study in US shows that there are 41% of women over the age 65 are using clinics. Are they trying to get rid of this ageing. Please understand age is not a disease to be cured or eradicated. What we can do is " practice to grow old gracefully"

How can we do this?
  • First & foremost is to accept the fact that growing old is mandatory. You don't have any control on this. But remember growing up is optional.. where you have full control. 
  • Wisely use your maturity & experience gained over the years, to overcome the dotage
  • Never think about fear and regrets. You are so seasoned & you know both as stupids.
  • Understand growing old is a privilege denied to many. Rejoice it
  • Remember, positive attitude can overcome anything. People with positive attitude continue to stay healthier & longer. 

Grow up ..... stay YOUNG....

Cheers...Anil Panicker