Sunday, 31 July 2016

Job Seekers / Fresh Employees..... It's for YOU

So many phases come across as we go through life. Career is one among that. 30% of an average person's entire productive time is career occupied. We cannot separate career from our life because the way we indulge in to it determines how successful we are in life. Some people feel the job like hell, not because of something wrong with the job but because they are doing it for the wrong reason. It is very important to analyse whether we are selecting an important & a meaningful job.  The first and foremost realization should come as an answer to couple of questions;

First, Should I view my career as a journey or a destination. 
Second; Should I look for a career which is well paying or should I focus on a career where I can express my passion & exhibit my skills. 

You need to find out your own answers. But never repent later...

Once the decision is made, the next bigger step is to prepare you for your first day. Showing curiosity at work, smile too often & instilling a habit of making friends are few tips which can take one a long way. This is the time one should stay fresh, engaged & inspired. Garner as much information about your company, preferably it's HR policies.  

The next step is to focus on building relationships & and developing a niche. As a newbie always say "Yes" if someone offers you a coffee, a lift or just about anything else. Being agreeable comes much before being a pushover. Never make any suggestions during the first six months of your career. Always be a judge but never give judgments. Observe everything the way they are & take everything as a learning experience 

During this period, it is not the company you work, but the Boss you follow matters. A good boss teaches you differently.  He will train people well enough so they can leave, but at the same time treat them very well so they don't want to. You will be fortunate if you have one.  At the same time, don't get disheartened if you get a guy who has the worst bossy traits. Nothing happened so horrible here, except the fact that you fall in to the bracket of 99% of employees worldwide. Whatever it may be, never do the the biggest mistake of trying to please your Boss at sight because a good boss doesn't require it & a bad one never value it when you require most.  

One advice here...Try to start the career with a small company because here you learn the basics & process very well. A small organization will be the right place to follow your passion. It also teaches you "how to live with your dreams" My personal tip for making your career more absolute: Never allow career to be a reason for disconnect between you & your parents. You may be so busy running around & growing up, but always remember they are also growing old. They are the reason why you are & who you are. Never forget their sacrifices in life. Where ever you are, talk to them twice a day. Even during the time of distress, one call to your parents will make you refreshed & recharged. 

Quoting Steve Job's words " The only way to do a great work is to love what you do" 

Have a wonderful journey ahead...... Anil Panicker

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Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Stress Management.... Oops!!!

What is stress: Stress is nothing but;  Too much to do....Too little time... and no energy 
The solution is either increase your energy or reduce your demands. Stress will be always with those people who insist for champagne on a beer budget. 

Everyone admits 90% of factors, which contribute to "stress" are 
  • Money
  • Family 
  • Family with no Money

Initially, "stress' always starts at a minuscule level in everyone's life. Too much of our unwanted contemplation or worrying finally takes this to a monstrous form. Since then,  this will be beyond one's control. What one needs to understand is "Does worrying too much, belittle your issues in any way"? It neither heals the past nor improve the future. All it does is simply spoiling the present.  

Normally we manage things which are precious to us. For eg. our family, our finance, our time etc. Then WHY Stress Management, when stress is not at all precious.  

Simple ways to purge stress are
  • Maintain a "Take it easy attitude"
  • "Smile" often
  • Listen to "Music"
  • "Eat & sleep" well
  • Do more "exercise"
  • "Take responsibility" for how you live your life
Simple common sense.... no rocket science

If you still feel stressed, give yourself a break...enjoy some ice creams, cakes or chocolates...STRESSED in reverse spells DESSERTS

Cheers......Anil Panicker
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Sunday, 3 July 2016

An Open letter to Prime Minister of India by a Common Man

Dear Narendra Bhai Modi,

Now that your Government at the centre has completed 2 years, what do you feel the rating by the common man to your Government & Governance . We, the people of India selected you with a clear agenda in mind, which is " we cant stand any more with those who can't act". We have seen many PM's in the past. Some reacts, some over reacts & some never reacts.  But this country never witnessed a Prime Minister, who  "acts". 

Can we call you a PM who " acts". 

I know, you are working more than 18 hours a day. I know, you are running around.  I know, you have signed so many MOU's. I know, you have visited so many countries & even I know, you have started so many schemes. But Sir, these are all beyond my comprehension. That's why I call myself a "common man". 

Can I just jot down what a common man actually wants? 

      Living Cost:   This can palpitate a common man's heart so heavily. Can an ordinary man, after meeting both ends, reserve some wealth for the future. If this happens, he will certainly feel, he had taken the right decision 2 years back. 
     Sir, what else you need in life to feel better than that. 

·     Corruption: This is what a common man cannot or doesn't want to. We all agree Corruption is the bane of our society. This the deadliest cancer, which affects the whole of Nation. Your cent percent effort is required to curb this.  Have you ever analyzed what percentage of per rupee spent,  is effectively used for the progress of this nation. Collectively we need to do everything to stop the corruption. I know it is not easy.... but not impossible too. What we need is a surgeon, who is not scared of carrying out such operations.  
     Can I believe we have elected a fearless surgeon?

·     Infrastructure Development:  You name anything...our country has everything. Whether it is Sun shines to Rains, Rivers to Oceans, Rocks to Natural resources....Or the most Intelligent brains. Why can’t we use them properly for the Development of our country's Infrastructure. I am sure, this will happen on its own, if we utilize our resources properly.      A great visionary ONLY can do this. I am sure, we have elected a great visionary...

·      Women Protection: I feel our country is still a "house". It is just a place where people live in & it's just a structure where people sleep & eat in. It is made of bricks & cement. We don’t need such houses. In fact we need "Homes". Homes requires "Love, Security & Affection". Home is truly where the heart is.  Does our Girl Child's, mother's & Sister's see our Nation as a HOME?  The answer is a big "NO". It is the collective failure of each man including YOU & me.  We need to take care of our Lakshmi’s at any cost.
     I hope we have selected a PM who has the guts to rewrite Indian laws, if situation demands. 
     I really don't know how you will do all this? 

     But one thing is rest assured.... we, the 1.27 billion people are ready at your service 

     Cheers...... Anil Panicker

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Saturday, 2 July 2016

Automobile Graveyards??....It happens only in India !!

  • How is it happening?
Most of the police stations and RTO offices around you have turned out to be an unofficial dump yards with ageing and rusted vehicles, which are seized over the years. 

These are either seized or forsaken due to
  1. Violation of traffic or environment rules
  2. Involvement in smuggling or equally horrible activities
  3. Absence of legitimate papers
  4. Legal cases, where court orders are delayed 
  5. Owner refused to accept, due to exorbitant repair cost. 
  6. Brutal accident cases, where no claimant is existing 
I have always noticed, this act of capturing/seizing is maximum in India. Our officials are experts in this. When we heard of spot settlement (settlement within 24 hours) in Europe & US, here it is beginning of yet another harassment & public nuisance. 

The big & the unanswered question is.....Why the department is not showing the same alacrity to dispose / discard or even auction the same. You always get the same answer from them, if prompted.... That's not our department.  Even the judiciary is silent in our country. This is yet another example of how the lethargy of our legal system harms the nation.
  • Why it is lying there for such a long period..... Who is responsible?
Statistics shows there are more than 1600 vehicles are lying as junk in front of various police stations in Navi-Mumbai alone. This data is only for the past 5 years. Anything above 2010.... only God knows. If you take the case of whole of India... then it is in millions my friends.... Just imagine... In a country like India, millions of vehicles are gathering dust. It is equally amazing to note that some of the vehicles are lying for more than 40 years. Failed to understand why officials are still under siesta, even though most of them are deemed fit for ONLY scrappingThe excuses which comes out are " Police cannot do anything as the cases are not resolved" OR "Since the court cases involving seized vehicles continue for several years, it is mandatory to keep the vehicles as legal evidence" bla bla.....These are terrible statements.  Departments are just passing the bucks.   An average Indian very well knows the minimum time requires for Indian judiciary to settle any case is "a decade".  Do we ever keep dead bodies as legal evidence for all these days. We normally keep postmortem reports. In this digital era, is it required to keep the car physically?  What needs to be done is to preserve the photographs ( from all angles) of such vehicles & the vehicles has to be  moved either to settlement desk, resale dock or scrap yard. Of course there are some situation demanding cases, where some of the vehicles ( that too very few) needs to be preserved. The concerned officials are responsible for keeping those vehicles properly & safe  at suitable places. This should be the right strategy instead of letting them rot as junk for years. 
  • Frequently faced problems due to this are 
Such vehicles, which are parked without proper planning and arrangement are creating life hell for most of the pedestrians and motorists. They are occupying the complete road margins, which creates bottlenecks at some prominent places which in turn results in unwanted traffic jams. But the most worrying factor is that they even cause health hazards. During monsoon, these places turns out be breeding center for mosquitoes. For thieves, this is yet another cash cow. Many of such vehicles were even stripped off their parts including batteries, tires & other electrical items. This is also one of the hunting place for commercial sex workers. In addition to occupying valuable space, the delay in taking decisions also reduces it's value to the exchequer due to depreciation. In a nutshell ... our nation is loosing  money.
  • How can we can get rid of it?
It is collective responsibility of each of us to spread this awareness through social medias. Let this information reach millions. This is the only way we can keep pressure on the civic body. So friends ... Take a snap & publish it whenever next time you come across any such Motor graveyards....

Let this message reach to our Prime Minister.... I am sure he will certainly act on this & would be glad to include this to his " Swachh Bharat" mission. 

This ONE act can give our PEOPLE more RELIEF ....&... our NATION more MONEY. 

Cheers......Anil Panicker

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