Wednesday, 23 November 2016

JCB..... Nothing but the LIFE

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Here is an object which gives hope at a glance … vibrancy at a feel.
Here is an object which drills the earth…. still fills the heart.
Here is an object which packs you with zeal... every time you feel dethroned
Here is an object which empowers one move higher…. still holds them close to the heart  
Here is an object which is ruthless to rugged but mellows with the owner
Here is an object which helps one attain colossal savings ….never sufferings. 
Here is an object which keeps one busy … still ensures ultimate life settlement

It transforms humans & communities ...It makes you a partner to the nation’s growth.
The ideal choice of everyone's passive income hence undoubtedly the "the choice of the world"

"No wonder why the brand name became the generic trade term...."

It's a true champion ....  It's my JCB

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           nothing but the LIFE….

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Saturday, 19 November 2016

Not everyone smiles at you is your FRIEND !!!

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“Pretending to be loyal” is an art, which few people around us have mastered over the years.  Such person never criticizes you ... but always motivates you to open up.  They know how to grab information’s from you. By showing too much of concerns, they make you feel comfortable & won’t leave till you indiscreet something, which actually should have been remained private or confidential. Those who are highly susceptible in both actions & emotions normally fall preys to such people. In return, they often provide you with ideas which are either bizarre or just pie in the sky. They stab you from your back & innocently ask why you are bleeding. These people won’t get satisfied until they sabotage someone else’s happiness. They won’t sleep until they wreck someone’s dreams.  

Whom you trust and tell your problems to? OR whom you confide to?

Might look less intricate but for proper understanding & analyzing, it certainly requires an intellect which is a level up. Never get influenced by such deceptive mentalities. 

But how do you identify them? Giving my two cents worth on this... Please take a moment… use your imagination to evaluate the same.  

Those who gossip: Those who gossip to you will certainly gossip about you. If you are so curious about others, please understand unwanted curiosity will & always kill the cat.

Those who hate challenges of life: People who don’t want to be challenged are involved in such ridiculous activities. You may feel their presence as a warm bed in cold water but the real smartness is to understand this motive as a real trap.

Not the least, but the last…

Never be too good to Life: Life requires certain quirkiness & kinkiness.  Life doesn’t happen to those people who are too good. Please understand, certain darkness is needed to see the stars. 

Cheers ...... Anil Panicker

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Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Boycott CHINA !!

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For the past many years, provoking & irking India has turned out to be the national game for Chinese.

One of the main reasons is the territory dispute. World’s top 2 most populous countries were going through a terrible border dispute which is unresolved for decades. China first violated the pact when they intruded in to our territory which resulted in to a brutal war in 1962. In spite of this, the bi-lateral relations were to some extent under control till 2004. The reason was nothing but our poor economy growth rate. On the other hand, China was dominating the world market & they could well afford complacency. Situation took a U-Turn when India stated shining.  Their skepticism went sky high when Mr. Modi took over the office & diligently planned visits to countries like US, Saudi, Iran, Brazil, Germany, UK & Japan. India’s acceptance among world nations shot up & this causes shivering among Chinese from the very root of their spine.

The second reason is because of the global acceptance of Indian Manpower. We control Silicon valley, the epicenter of world technology. Number of Indian CEO’s in the valley is rising and China doesn't have any clue on what is happening. While Indians see a great inspirational leader in Jack Ma (Chairman, names like Sunder Pichai, Nikesh Arora, Satya Nadella & Indra Nooyi only increases Chinese constipation level.

Now they are coming out with all possible dirty tricks to destabilize India. Some of their horrendous acts are;
  • Extending military/economic support to Pakistan, a nation run by terrorists…a country which practices & promotes terrorism as part of their national policy. The entire world knows why the Chinese support Pakistan. They grab anything which India vomits even if it is shit. The highly ignorant Pakistani leaderships are not aware the fact that by extending a helping hand, China will confiscate the entire Pakistan as well. All countries who had asked for help from Chinese had regretted later. They expanded their military base….took over the natural resources & lands… what not? They don’t even spare the sea as well. . The biggest example is Myanmar.  May be too much consumption of dogs & snakes might have irrevocably damaged the Chinese brains.

  • They have now stopped a tributary of the Brahmaputra River in Tibet from flowing to India and claim this as part of Dam construction! Any layman can understand this as yet another sabotage act by a senseless nation.   

  • In UN, they blocked the bid to brand JeM terrorist Masood Azhar as a global terrorist? Why China have to be involved in this, when the entire Chinese population doesn’t know who Masood Azhar is. The reason behind is very simple. He acts funny with India & that’s what this stupid Lilliput nation wants. 

The dragon country should be paid back in the same coin;

Our country has all the resources & potential to manufacture everything locally. We don’t need any damn support from Chinese nuts. The only country on this planet that can boycott China to the fullest would be our Nation. I am sure even US wouldn’t go head on with China as they are fully committed to Chinese for day to day living.

Where to hit:

The advantage which China is the money power which they enjoy through wide exports. They manufacture anything & everything under the Sun. Almost all countries have started importing goods from China. This is the main reason for their flexing of muscles. The only way we can weaken the Chinese is to put a complete hold on all Chinese stuff. Everyone should understand that by purchasing a Chinese item you are contributing to the manufacturing of weapons which are aimed at us. If you really love your nation, stop engaging with Chinese products, whether it is importing, stocking or retailing. Country is supreme & all other things come later. It is the time we should stand united and show our loyalty & patriotism towards mother India. Abhor, abandon & Boycott all Chinese products.

Chinese may be eyeing to rule Asia but it is we the Indians who are going to rule the world.

Jai Hind...... Anil Panicker

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Thursday, 22 September 2016

India's Judicial "Pendency"

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A whopping 33 million cases are pending across various courts in India. The statistics proves more grim when we realize more than half of them are pending for more than 2 years & over 3.7 million cases (around 11%) are awaiting conclusion for more than 10 years. Considering an involvement of minimum of 2-3 persons per case, justice is delayed OR denied indefinitely to over 50 million peoples of India. What is the ultimate use, if justice is given to someone once the essence of his / her life is over? What's the use, if someone is acquitted or accused after twiddling one's thumb for years together? If this situation continues, our country will have 15 crores pending cases by end 2040. Seems there is a systematic problem with India's judiciary.  Why there is a judicial pendency in India?

As per me, there are many reasons to it;

1) Increasing criminal cases: We are one of the leaders as far as crimes are concerned. Our country has also earned the dubious distinction of being the country where maximum numbers of murders takes place in the world. In numbers, it is double the figures in US. Another disturbing aspect is that the largest litigant in our country is our government itself, who is responsible for nearly half the pending cases. Many of them are actually cases of one department of the government suing another, leaving the decision-making to the courts. In other words, both our government & criminals are striving towards keeping judiciary overburdened & stretched. 

2) Less number of judges: India has one of the world's lowest ratios of judges to population in the world with only 13 judges for every million people, compared with 50 in developed nations. This leads to increased number of adjournments & finally results in cases piling up. Even though debates are going on for decades about filling the shortages of Judges, still our judiciary is running with skeleton crew. The laxity & levity approach shown by various governments clearly indicates how serious they are when it comes to "providing justice to citizens". It also exposes our various governments' failures to come up with judicial reforms. 

3) Money & muscle power takes priority away: It is surprising to note most of the high profile cases were  attended & verdicts are given so fast whereas the common citizens are ignored forever. The entire attention is diverted to cases where VIP's are involved. One side, common man is pleading for justice whereas on the other side, our judiciary is working hard to support VIP criminals. Indian courts are turning out to be a safe heaven for big criminals. Special Benches have been called to assist them. Nothing but a subject of ridicule. All this supports the fact system cares only affluent class & common man as always gets ignored. It's high time judiciary must be released from money power & political interference. 

4) Too much of holidays: I have checked the Indian Supreme Court's calendar & found they are 134 holidays out of 365 possible days. This includes a summer vacation of 6-7 weeks every year!!!. Of course, the British started this concept but the unanswered question is "why still we have to follow the colonial practice without justifiable reasons". Doesn't it look clumsy to see our judiciary most of the time in hibernation mode, that too in a country, where criminals and dacoits working overtime. I do appreciate the fact that Judges requires some relaxation from the monotonous job they are carrying out. But as the same time as a responsible citizen, I do agree even minute measures can accelerate the disposal of backlogs.  If the existing judges can work an extra hour/day, 15 to 20 % of pendency can be easily resolved. This extra one hour of yours can give justice to 10 million more people. Please understand the essence of constitution in it's right spirit can be delivered, only if we are alert all the time.

Above all parameters clearly show that the entire judiciary system in India needs a complete overhaul so that constitutional mandate of equality before law is made meaningful.

Let's together work towards strengthening our judiciary.

Regards..........Anil Panicker

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Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Cau"Very Shame"

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Cau"Very  Shame"

The Cauvery river dispute has raised its head again & has been raging since Sep 5. As a result, many people are fueling violence at various locations of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. India’s garden city turned out to be a city of Commotion & vandalism. Curfew was imposed in parts of Bangalore & city came to a standstill. Tamils have been attacked in Bangalore & Kannadigas assaulted in Chennai. Even though the interest of farmers, drought & famine were cited as main reasons, issue reached to a monstrous form due to poor systems & political inability. The situation, I believe is running out of political solution as of now.

What is the actual issue?

Issue is nothing but a river known as Cauveri, which is 809 km’s long.  The 44000 of her basin area (BA), were occupied @ 54% & 42% by TN & Karnataka respectively. (Balance with Kerala & Puducherry). The bone of contention is the drought area in the basin. Here Karnataka has 63% share while TN contributes 37%. Taking all these parameters in to consideration, tribunal verdict (2007) sanctions 58% of water to TN & 37% to Karnataka. While TN was okay with the verdict, Karnataka contends that it does not receive its due share. In short, Karnataka requires more water while TN doesn’t agree to this. To support this, TN claims about 12000 Sq. km land has been already developed in the basin area & are heavily depending on the existing pattern of usage. Any change in the system, it says will affect the livelihood of millions of farmers in the state. The end result: the dispute, which is more than 125 years old, is still ON.

We have our own ways of aggravating the issues:

Who can stop us, if we declare ourselves insane? Who can stop us, if we decide to value pain & pleasure over right & wrong?  Who can stop us if we have a problem for all the solutions. Everyone is on an encashing mode. Channels eyeing TRP ratings, Politicians after popularity stunt & for anti-social elements, it's celebration time.  Both the states are still on the edge as a slightest spark can even ignite to a sporadic violence. In short, a state is declaring war against the other over water !!,   All these atrocities are happening in a country, where we were talking about Rivers Connect & festivals connect. We damage national properties....we burn our neighbors alive.....still we  boastfully claim “united we stand”.


It is difficult to understand who actually the sufferer is & who is gaining mileage out of it. One thing is clear….the loser is human MORALITY & our NATION.  To die with dignity, what we requires is few drops of water….Doesn’t matter whether it comes from Cauvery, Krishna or Ganga. What requires is compassion, which only humanity can provide. .

Regards.....Anil Panicker 

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Friday, 9 September 2016

What's Stopping you Women?

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“I think women are foolish to pretend they are equal to men. They are far superior and always have been” William Golding

Why feeling inferior?

If woman is determined to rise, no power on this planet can stop that force.  Nature has given you so much. Power to create….Power to nurture…. Power to transform. What you need is.... embrace it. You have got the capabilities to transform lives.  You have got the magical Midas touch to make anything & everything larger. You make home out of house, sumptuous repast out of groceries & whole heart out of a simple smile.  You are capable of handling family & profession together & what is more commendable is you make best out of both worlds.  Women outnumber men in academics…In Bachelor’s degree, you are 23% ahead of men & when it comes to Master’s, you are ahead by 30%.  When it comes to sports, it is 2 among you, which helped India avoid a potentially embarrassing Olympic blackout. You are much more expressive than men. You are multi-fold caring than men.

Then what’s pulling you back?

Is it insecurity?  As per me, insecurity should be rated as an unfortunate personality trait. Never be so serious about that.  The fact is "many a times you forget to reckon your prowess". Please understand power is something you have to grab & never expect someone to drop-ship for you. 

Having family still a career barrier for women? A woman to have 2 children & raise them is a full time job. Across world, no consultant ever tried this. I am sure no one will ever...This is simply because you only can do that. You are manufacturing a next generation of people. How the world will be tomorrow will be determined by what kind of mothers one has today. In short, you are moulding sensible & responsible citizens. That’s why; a woman who cannot become a leader is a leader itself, because she produces the leaders for the future. 

How to correct it?

Failure happens when you compete for attention. Never do that. You may feel life as intimidating. Never bother about it. Try to learn when to walk away. Create your reality. But dare to live your life. Few tips are;

Don’t be a woman that needs a man…. Be a woman a man needs.
Never be an object, always be a subject.
Avoid too much of judging & gossiping.
Never ever live with worry & doubt.
Go away from your subconscious awareness on impending doom.
Settle for less....

It’s up to you to decide whether all these are feasible or Utopian. 

Piece of advice for men:

All the women in the world has a dark side as well. If provided with a crap, be ready to receive a ton of shit. So never mess around with a woman. Those who think women are not leaders are certainly not married. You have 2 choices… accept them as leaders or get married soon. 

I am sure, a woman driver at the helm of Formula 1 OR a female runner challenging Usain Bolt is not that far away....

All the very best....

Cheers....Anil Panicker

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Sunday, 4 September 2016

Be a Partner to the Progress of this Nation

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Dear Friends, there is a free partnership job available for everyone in this country. The job, which I feel is the superlative of all,  is awaiting consent from each one of you. Let's get in to the details....

Name of the Organization:   INDIA
Type of job:                           To become a partner in the progress of this Nation.

Job responsibility:  Contribute immensely wherever you can & ensure India prosper.
Remuneration:        Will be paid  every moment  but In the form of  RESPECT only.  
Goal includes:         Exterminate all those who creates obstructions, whoever it may be.

Major Key Responsibility Area's re

     I.   Say "NO" to food wastage: How many of us  have attempted to starve for more than 48 hours. I am sure none. When we have tried anything & everything under the Sun, why haven't we tried this? The answer is very simple because all of us know "how unbearable it will be". From this point… imagine about 270 million Indian’s, who go hungry daily. Nothing works out when you are hungry. How can we expect this 270 millions to contribute for our nation's growth?  It won’t be exaggerating if I mention "our nation still have people who suppress their hungers by eating Rats & even human waste" 
      Image result for india food wastage 
    These poor people are starving not because India doesn't have resources but due to our extravaganza. Our country tops the global food wastage's list while it's 25% population still in starving mode. Just look at the absurdity of the situation. 

    When we showcase our money power & perform this wastage, have we ever thought, it is our nation’s resources, which we are wasting?  Money may belongs to us, but the resources are of this nation. The entire 1.27 billion people have equal rights to it. Who gave us the permission to snatch these rightful resources from these 270 million people? Is it because, they won’t retaliate. Doesn’t it look awkward?     Do we run out of intellect. In short, our country has yet another 1 Billion brains, which hardly works because of  over eating & ignorance . 

     II.  Help Govt. to bring Black Money Back:   Recently a  report by wiki leaks attracted my attention. Report confirms a cumulative deposit of 15 lac crores owned by top 30 Indian account holders at various Swiss banks. Needless to mention almost all of them are either politicians or ably supported by politicians. An average Indian, paying all sorts of taxes, struggling day & night to save 100 rupees a day, has got all the rights to know what extra ordinary activity helped these traitors to accumulate this wealth. 
     III.  Can all of us take few pledges: 

1.  We feed / support  at least one needy  person a day 
2.  Say NO to food wastage  no matter at home or hotel. For those, who still  wants to  show           the money power.... kindly get it packed & deliver to the needy as fresh as you can
3.  Let's together say  NO to "Bribe & Tax evasion"     
     4.  Kindly extend all possible support to the GOVT. in it's endeavor to bring this stacked                  black money back to India
     Buying words from our PM’s official site:  "Together we will script a glorious future for a strong, developed & inclusive India" 
     Be an INDIAN today …… & always

     Jai Hind.......Anil Panicker   


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Tuesday, 30 August 2016


Learn "how to live LIFE KING Size "
Image result for live a king size life

Believe in you:

Only right attitude people can uphold the truth " life gets better day by day". Form a devise in mind  "we are the captain of our ship & master of our destiny"  Never underestimate yourself. Everyone needs to understand the fact "you are not a drop in the ocean but the entire ocean in a drop". When life is as we think, what stops you from thinking positively. The positive thinker sees the invisible, feels the intangible & achieves the impossible. Friends, it is your journey & yours alone. Others may walk with you, but no one can walk it for you. 

Never Give up:

Good things come to those who believe, better things come to those who wait & the best thing come to those who don’t give up. It's a proven fact that every bad situation  happens to you will have  3 choices: 

It can define you...... It can destroy you.....OR....It can strengthen you

It's very essential to understand  that "we are not a finished product but an unfinished one with work still in progress". Never stop learning because life never stops teaching. So never settle in life. Assessment of the situation is equally important to understand what exactly gone wrong. Do not look where you fell, but look where you slipped. The student in you should be alert all the time.  Lord Budha rightly said  when the student is ready, the teacher will appear. 

Keep a watch on Time:

Time is one of the most important factor in life. We say we waste time. That’s impossible. We waste ourselves. Friends, Time is stationary, only we come & go. If you are 30 years old, you only have less than 15000 days to live. If you are 40 years, you only have slightly above 10000 days to live. 

Use of TIME while TIME teaches us the value of TIME.  It is equally important that "you never put your time & energy on such things which doesn’t require any intelligence"

Trust in Creator:

Friends, this is a very important point. Every one of us should understand that there are few things which are beyond your comprehension. When creations are around, there should be a creator. Creations are nothing but the creator embedded. It is never too late to reconnect with your creator. Have an unconditional trust on him. He hears more than we say, gives more than we imagine... but in his own way.... So have faith. He has given us 86400 seconds a day. use ONE to say "thank you"


Cheers....Anil Panicker

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Wednesday, 24 August 2016

India & Rio Olympics

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India went to Rio Olympics with 118 members, its biggest ever contingent. The list included many greats  & some of them were pegged as real medal contenders. Few of them were even crowned  as champions much before the game actually started. The expectations were sky high. Indian Olympic Association claims minimum 10 medals while Goldman Sachs came up with a prediction of 8 medals including one Gold. We, 1.27 billion Indian's too were confident that Rio will better the previous all game numbers. For your better understanding, we took 6 medals in London 2012 games. 

Indian athletes proved everyone wrong & ended up with mere 2 medals. First 12 days were totally dried up & went without a medal. Finally in the latter part of the games, we managed 1 Silver & 1 Bronze. Courtesy PV Sindhu & Sakshi Malik. These couple of medals took our country to finally finish 67 th on medal tally. In all means, there was no denying that Rio was an absolute stinker for the subcontinent. 

It's not the number of medals but  the level of performances, which are discussed here. Barring  8 to 9 creditable achievements, rest all were just mediocre level performances (as per Olympic standards). Why all such big events turned out an exercise in despair for a country, which is immense in human diversity. The big question comes here are;

Whether our athletes are competent enough?
Whether our organizations / sports body's have a clear vision?
Whether our athletes are prepared for Olympics?
Whether our preparations are at par with other countries?

The first & foremost reason for the debacle is "India does not have a sports culture". What we need is a synergized sports culture, which can be brought to the system through a fundamental overhaul.  Easier said than done.... still this suggestion can't be called as "pie in the sky". Once the culture is in place, the next biggest challenge should be to re-invent our strategy on sports. Our present strategy of  "we never treat the disease... we only perform postmortem" should change. 

How can we ourselves re-invent our strategy on sports? 

First; Refrain from too much worshiping of  Cricket. 
Second; To focus on 7 to 8 sports events where our country has parent competence... setting up infrastructure facilities at local / regional levels to popularize & drive these sports.   
Third; Create a culture that identifies the "best"....Coach Gopichand rightly said " The best will come out of you only if you put your heart & soul into it" . Identify the organizers & the athletes who are willing to put their heart & soul into it. We need to understand Olympics is not a forum where one country's best should be nominated....Rather this should be the forum where the world's best should contest. Potential at world level matters here. This should be in back of mind while selecting athletes for Olympics.  Look for athletes who have the ability to punch above one's weight. 
Fourth; The last stage is to foster them, train them & reward them so that they stay motivated. While it is the individuals responsibility to follow the passion with continued dedication, commitment & perseverance, it is the nation's responsibility to ensure our athletes are trained at world class infrastructures & that too under world class coaches. 

Am confident, necessary changes will soon be inducted into our system 

Awaiting to be part of history in Tokyo 2020

Cheers....Anil Panicker

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Saturday, 13 August 2016

The Greatest Mistake all of us commit !!!

The greatest mistake, all of us commit are "opportunities missed". 

What stops people from identifying opportunities. The reasons are either our inability to find one or to act on time. 

Where to look for opportunities: The opportunity never happens on its own. We create them. Remember, the universe hands you with "opportunity determinants" for a while. But, this  can be visible to those who have the power of vision. Vision as per me is the ability to see invisible things. If you can see invisible, you can achieve impossible. Your presence of mind & equanimity makes all the difference. 

The ability to create opportunities are related to human intuitiveness about life.  A person aspiring for higher standards in life or aiming for enhancement in life quality, always be in pursuit of options which gives him the necessary uplift. Opportunities are nothing but the end product of all such efforts. More opportunities' comes to your way, if you are more proactive in approach. In other words, opportunity dances with those, who are already on the dance floor. Knowing more about the world gives you more opportunities in return. Remember, it's about time. Opportunities are available to those who act on time. Overcoming & achieving are merely tenacity. 

Loss of Opportunity: Mainly there are 3 factors contributing to it. 

No time: Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work. We may blame our work & busy schedule. No one is busy in this world. It's all about priorities. By saying "I don't have time', you are making it clear "I don't want to". Make time & be in control.

Own mindset: This also contributes a lot. Mindset acts in various forms. It can be friend or a foe. Nothing much you can do, if enemy is well within you. It stops your progress. What actually requires is a growth mindset. Follow your mind (meditation may help) closely. I am sure, this will help to convert even failures to opportunities. 

Fear Factor: Why under same circumstances, some people break records while others break themselves. The reason is very simple. The people who break records are living on their dreams while others are living on fears.  People who are afraid of making mistakes are less likely to make exceptional or innovative steps.  

What about those opportunities, which are already lost. Someone definitely must have en-cashed the ones, you missed. In a nutshell, the opportunities are never lost. 

Last but not the least..... Be a people builder. Successful people look for opportunities to help others . Encourage others to find their best too. 

Cheers..........Anil Panicker
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