Thursday, 31 March 2016

Why we afraid of challenges

How can we overcome challenges

First we need to analyze whether challenges are part of life. No doubt, it is. Then what is stopping us to face it head on

The basic problem with us
We all like stability & peace in life. Due to this we often label challenges as a villain. We strongly believe taking challenges often brings troubles in life. At the same time we need everything at the drop of the hat as well. This will never go hand in hand. 
What will happen if we don't take challenges in life
 If we refrain from accepting challenges in life, the very self-esteem can be at stake. Life will gradually move to a big ZERO if we continue in this fashion.  Take a moment and look at back. Everyone will realize that all such challenges that had happened in our life, which had once knocked us from our feet,  have played a significant role when the life progresses. Still it is very difficult to digest for us. That's how we have been brought up all these days. This has to change. Come on.. Ready for a U turn now. 

The better side of Challenges

Challenges help shape our character in a better way, softens the rough edges, give us lessons we need for our future success and most importantly allow us to realize what we are capable of. There’s no reason to resent them or wish for a challenge free life. We don’t grow at all when things are easy. We grow only when we face challenges. You will also feel more glory when the challenges are big. Now the big question is " if the competitive challenges are what excites us,  why we often look for challenge-less life. By doing this, we are saying NO to this wonderful life & its essence. 

Come on friends: Challenges are part of life....lets accept it, face it, overcome it & live and enjoy a king size life. Hope you are ready for challenges now. 

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