Saturday, 13 August 2016

The Greatest Mistake all of us commit !!!

The greatest mistake, all of us commit are "opportunities missed". 

What stops people from identifying opportunities. The reasons are either our inability to find one or to act on time. 

Where to look for opportunities: The opportunity never happens on its own. We create them. Remember, the universe hands you with "opportunity determinants" for a while. But, this  can be visible to those who have the power of vision. Vision as per me is the ability to see invisible things. If you can see invisible, you can achieve impossible. Your presence of mind & equanimity makes all the difference. 

The ability to create opportunities are related to human intuitiveness about life.  A person aspiring for higher standards in life or aiming for enhancement in life quality, always be in pursuit of options which gives him the necessary uplift. Opportunities are nothing but the end product of all such efforts. More opportunities' comes to your way, if you are more proactive in approach. In other words, opportunity dances with those, who are already on the dance floor. Knowing more about the world gives you more opportunities in return. Remember, it's about time. Opportunities are available to those who act on time. Overcoming & achieving are merely tenacity. 

Loss of Opportunity: Mainly there are 3 factors contributing to it. 

No time: Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work. We may blame our work & busy schedule. No one is busy in this world. It's all about priorities. By saying "I don't have time', you are making it clear "I don't want to". Make time & be in control.

Own mindset: This also contributes a lot. Mindset acts in various forms. It can be friend or a foe. Nothing much you can do, if enemy is well within you. It stops your progress. What actually requires is a growth mindset. Follow your mind (meditation may help) closely. I am sure, this will help to convert even failures to opportunities. 

Fear Factor: Why under same circumstances, some people break records while others break themselves. The reason is very simple. The people who break records are living on their dreams while others are living on fears.  People who are afraid of making mistakes are less likely to make exceptional or innovative steps.  

What about those opportunities, which are already lost. Someone definitely must have en-cashed the ones, you missed. In a nutshell, the opportunities are never lost. 

Last but not the least..... Be a people builder. Successful people look for opportunities to help others . Encourage others to find their best too. 

Cheers..........Anil Panicker
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