Friday, 1 April 2016

U Turns in Life

U-Turns in Life

We all take U-turns in life. Right from the moment of our birth, taking U-turns have become an essential part of our life. Reason may vary.... sometimes to dodge problems, sometimes to surrender,  sometimes to save our face & sometimes even to make the best moves in life. Normally 2 things associated with this decisions. One is an internal act which is the change of mind & the other one is an external act, which is to provide justifications or reasons to those who were affected badly due to this act of yours. If the justifications provided are not convincing, you will be blamed for this reckless act & may even be noted as flaky or a person with perplexed mind.  So it is imperative that you explain & convince others about this change of mind.

What to consider when making a U-Turn

When it comes to the very decisions of your life, taking a U-turn is always advisable. Same way, U-turns are absolutely needed when you realized that you were living the wrong life all these days. There’s nothing really wrong in reversing your choices as long as you know what makes you more happy. Better late than never policy works out well here. Only thing one need to have is proper introspection before getting in to such decisions.  This can be arrived if you have proper answers to all reflective questions related to this.  
"If you are headed in the wrong direction, God allows U Turns"
In other words, taking a U-turns are advisable if it improves the quality of your life without disturbing other's peace. 


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