Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Stress Management.... Oops!!!

What is stress: Stress is nothing but;  Too much to do....Too little time... and no energy 
The solution is either increase your energy or reduce your demands. Stress will be always with those people who insist for champagne on a beer budget. 

Everyone admits 90% of factors, which contribute to "stress" are 
  • Money
  • Family 
  • Family with no Money

Initially, "stress' always starts at a minuscule level in everyone's life. Too much of our unwanted contemplation or worrying finally takes this to a monstrous form. Since then,  this will be beyond one's control. What one needs to understand is "Does worrying too much, belittle your issues in any way"? It neither heals the past nor improve the future. All it does is simply spoiling the present.  

Normally we manage things which are precious to us. For eg. our family, our finance, our time etc. Then WHY Stress Management, when stress is not at all precious.  

Simple ways to purge stress are
  • Maintain a "Take it easy attitude"
  • "Smile" often
  • Listen to "Music"
  • "Eat & sleep" well
  • Do more "exercise"
  • "Take responsibility" for how you live your life
Simple common sense.... no rocket science

If you still feel stressed, give yourself a break...enjoy some ice creams, cakes or chocolates...STRESSED in reverse spells DESSERTS

Cheers......Anil Panicker
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