Sunday, 31 July 2016

Job Seekers / Fresh Employees..... It's for YOU

So many phases come across as we go through life. Career is one among that. 30% of an average person's entire productive time is career occupied. We cannot separate career from our life because the way we indulge in to it determines how successful we are in life. Some people feel the job like hell, not because of something wrong with the job but because they are doing it for the wrong reason. It is very important to analyse whether we are selecting an important & a meaningful job.  The first and foremost realization should come as an answer to couple of questions;

First, Should I view my career as a journey or a destination. 
Second; Should I look for a career which is well paying or should I focus on a career where I can express my passion & exhibit my skills. 

You need to find out your own answers. But never repent later...

Once the decision is made, the next bigger step is to prepare you for your first day. Showing curiosity at work, smile too often & instilling a habit of making friends are few tips which can take one a long way. This is the time one should stay fresh, engaged & inspired. Garner as much information about your company, preferably it's HR policies.  

The next step is to focus on building relationships & and developing a niche. As a newbie always say "Yes" if someone offers you a coffee, a lift or just about anything else. Being agreeable comes much before being a pushover. Never make any suggestions during the first six months of your career. Always be a judge but never give judgments. Observe everything the way they are & take everything as a learning experience 

During this period, it is not the company you work, but the Boss you follow matters. A good boss teaches you differently.  He will train people well enough so they can leave, but at the same time treat them very well so they don't want to. You will be fortunate if you have one.  At the same time, don't get disheartened if you get a guy who has the worst bossy traits. Nothing happened so horrible here, except the fact that you fall in to the bracket of 99% of employees worldwide. Whatever it may be, never do the the biggest mistake of trying to please your Boss at sight because a good boss doesn't require it & a bad one never value it when you require most.  

One advice here...Try to start the career with a small company because here you learn the basics & process very well. A small organization will be the right place to follow your passion. It also teaches you "how to live with your dreams" My personal tip for making your career more absolute: Never allow career to be a reason for disconnect between you & your parents. You may be so busy running around & growing up, but always remember they are also growing old. They are the reason why you are & who you are. Never forget their sacrifices in life. Where ever you are, talk to them twice a day. Even during the time of distress, one call to your parents will make you refreshed & recharged. 

Quoting Steve Job's words " The only way to do a great work is to love what you do" 

Have a wonderful journey ahead...... Anil Panicker

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