Sunday, 7 August 2016

Aug 7 : Happy Friendship DAY

Friends are the most important ingredient to this recipe called LIFE. 

But who is a real friend:   

A real friend is the one, who never tries to impress you but always tries to surprise you. If someone tries to impress upon you, you have all the liberty to get impressed. But that guy is not your real friend. 

A real friend is the one, who always argues with you & proves you wrong all the time.... Never feel bad. He is just giving constructive criticism.

A real friend is the one who keep on disturbing you & insulting you. Never feel bad... the intention is; he doesn't want you to feel lonely. 

A real friend is the one who teaches you various lessons on daily basis. Some are painful, some are painless.... but all are priceless, which you wont get it from anywhere else. 

A real friend is the one who is willing to spend TIME, the most precious thing on this planet , exclusively on you. 

A real friend is the one who offers you various means in life which keeps you always puzzled, but eventually makes your day end with a smile. 

When you see yourself doing something badly & nobody is bothering to tell you anymore, take it for granted that you are NOT with your good friends. Never expect your friend to accept or say YES to all your stupidities. A good friend, once said "YES"  will stand by that in all aspects. 

Abraham Lincoln once said " If friendship is your weakest point; then you are the strongest person in the world. 

Now the Biggest question: Have you added a new friend to your fleet today.. not yet ?? Options are many.....your car washer..... your security.....your vegetable vendor... your paperwala..........They are just a call away........

Understand their world & make them your friend...........

Cheers.....Anil Panicker

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