Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Who can deny you “Life?”

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Who can deny you " Life" when you have decided to live your life to its fullest potential. 

Simple steps to do so....

Be a good learner: Friends, Life is very simple …never allow your mind to complicate it. It’s just B & D ie Birth & Death. Now what comes in between is “C” means the Choices. What makes life easier, sometimes tougher or in many times crazier is the result of choices we make during this stint.  In other words, life is the outcome of our own choices. Most of the times, people make bad choices when they are scared or stressed. But life always gives you chances to repair & recover. Every day is an opportunity for us to born fresh. Life hit hard only those who purposefully & constantly deny their mistakes. So be a good learner.

Never live a life in the fear: What are we scared for?  Sufferings or fear of death. Are we actually suffering or living in the fear of suffering coming to us.  Death is not an issue….the way we live is an issue. One more thing; 90% of what we worry about actually never happens. Then why worry...

Live now without ignoring the eventuality: When the past cannot be re-visited & the future cannot be foreseen, why not we enjoy the wonderful time called "NOW" Live every moment out of it. At the same time be aware of the eventuality that here everyone comes with an expiry date. Only two mandatory compulsions after birth are eat for survival & die one day however big or might you may be. 

How beautiful our world would be, if everyone has this realization. So friends. Life is too short to worry. Forgive quickly, love truly, dream big & smile often..... 

Now take a deep breath & realize how blessed we are. Nobody can deny life to you except yourself.

Regards......Anil Panicker

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