Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Are you a Stress Human or a Humor Human .. ?

How important is humor to human beings. Some says "it is very essential" while others say "it's OK up to a certain extent". But no one will deny the fact that humor has a paramount importance in our life. 

Who likes humor most: Those who love to listen, laugh & smile
Who dislikes humor most: Only those, who love to move towards stress. 

My tips to those who love to laugh & smile:

Guys, you are on the right track. Humor should be the greatest attribute one should have to lighten the burden of mental stress. Good that you have it. Laughter can be the best medicine to your body & of course smiling is the most economical way to have a good look. It is not only good for your health, but it also reinforces your relationships with your family & friends. Humor not only takes one away from sufferings of the world, it also helps to make life possible even in adversity.  Humor also helps you to stay positive and to have optimistic attitude. The smiling faces always attracts others & the first impression they create would be impeccable. A humor person can influence others and that's the reason they will always be the center of attractions. 

 My simple question to those who follow stress & love to worry:

Does too much worrying reduces or takes away your tomorrow's problems ? The answer is "No". It only spoils today's peace. Then why worry ? 

Never think too much about past, it brings TEARS
Never think too much about Future, it brings FEARS

Always live the moment with smile... it brings Cheers... 
Have cheers.... Anil Panicker