Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Who is Richest?

If this question is being thrown to millions across globe, invariably most would give an answer linked to economics.  Means, the man holding maximum stacks of money under his belt would be referred as “Richest” (Is it the bank account balance? or the money stacked in gunny bags…. My skepticism only will grow if I go in to the semantics, which I am least bothered)

Does the “Amount of money holding” the right criteria of measuring richness? I call this as the most rudimentary way of looking at.  Why we always link economics, every time we refer to richness & poorness. If money alone can make you richer, why some of such richest have poor health & broken relationships. How come they are not among the happiest. 

My two cents worth!!!

Why people with aesthetic splendor were not the richest?
Why people with incomparable artistic brilliance were not considered as the richest?
Why the best scholars were not treated as the richest?
Why people mastered the art of relationship maintenance were not referred as the richest?
Why people with best health were not the richest?
Why the most happiest person is not the richest?

Friends, money doesn’t make you richer. Real wealth depends on how you value yourself. 

Together we will re-define the term “RICHNESS”

Cheers…. Anil Panicker