Sunday, 4 September 2016

Be a Partner to the Progress of this Nation

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Dear Friends, there is a free partnership job available for everyone in this country. The job, which I feel is the superlative of all,  is awaiting consent from each one of you. Let's get in to the details....

Name of the Organization:   INDIA
Type of job:                           To become a partner in the progress of this Nation.

Job responsibility:  Contribute immensely wherever you can & ensure India prosper.
Remuneration:        Will be paid  every moment  but In the form of  RESPECT only.  
Goal includes:         Exterminate all those who creates obstructions, whoever it may be.

Major Key Responsibility Area's re

     I.   Say "NO" to food wastage: How many of us  have attempted to starve for more than 48 hours. I am sure none. When we have tried anything & everything under the Sun, why haven't we tried this? The answer is very simple because all of us know "how unbearable it will be". From this point… imagine about 270 million Indian’s, who go hungry daily. Nothing works out when you are hungry. How can we expect this 270 millions to contribute for our nation's growth?  It won’t be exaggerating if I mention "our nation still have people who suppress their hungers by eating Rats & even human waste" 
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    These poor people are starving not because India doesn't have resources but due to our extravaganza. Our country tops the global food wastage's list while it's 25% population still in starving mode. Just look at the absurdity of the situation. 

    When we showcase our money power & perform this wastage, have we ever thought, it is our nation’s resources, which we are wasting?  Money may belongs to us, but the resources are of this nation. The entire 1.27 billion people have equal rights to it. Who gave us the permission to snatch these rightful resources from these 270 million people? Is it because, they won’t retaliate. Doesn’t it look awkward?     Do we run out of intellect. In short, our country has yet another 1 Billion brains, which hardly works because of  over eating & ignorance . 

     II.  Help Govt. to bring Black Money Back:   Recently a  report by wiki leaks attracted my attention. Report confirms a cumulative deposit of 15 lac crores owned by top 30 Indian account holders at various Swiss banks. Needless to mention almost all of them are either politicians or ably supported by politicians. An average Indian, paying all sorts of taxes, struggling day & night to save 100 rupees a day, has got all the rights to know what extra ordinary activity helped these traitors to accumulate this wealth. 
     III.  Can all of us take few pledges: 

1.  We feed / support  at least one needy  person a day 
2.  Say NO to food wastage  no matter at home or hotel. For those, who still  wants to  show           the money power.... kindly get it packed & deliver to the needy as fresh as you can
3.  Let's together say  NO to "Bribe & Tax evasion"     
     4.  Kindly extend all possible support to the GOVT. in it's endeavor to bring this stacked                  black money back to India
     Buying words from our PM’s official site:  "Together we will script a glorious future for a strong, developed & inclusive India" 
     Be an INDIAN today …… & always

     Jai Hind.......Anil Panicker   


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