Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Cau"Very Shame"

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Cau"Very  Shame"

The Cauvery river dispute has raised its head again & has been raging since Sep 5. As a result, many people are fueling violence at various locations of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. India’s garden city turned out to be a city of Commotion & vandalism. Curfew was imposed in parts of Bangalore & city came to a standstill. Tamils have been attacked in Bangalore & Kannadigas assaulted in Chennai. Even though the interest of farmers, drought & famine were cited as main reasons, issue reached to a monstrous form due to poor systems & political inability. The situation, I believe is running out of political solution as of now.

What is the actual issue?

Issue is nothing but a river known as Cauveri, which is 809 km’s long.  The 44000 of her basin area (BA), were occupied @ 54% & 42% by TN & Karnataka respectively. (Balance with Kerala & Puducherry). The bone of contention is the drought area in the basin. Here Karnataka has 63% share while TN contributes 37%. Taking all these parameters in to consideration, tribunal verdict (2007) sanctions 58% of water to TN & 37% to Karnataka. While TN was okay with the verdict, Karnataka contends that it does not receive its due share. In short, Karnataka requires more water while TN doesn’t agree to this. To support this, TN claims about 12000 Sq. km land has been already developed in the basin area & are heavily depending on the existing pattern of usage. Any change in the system, it says will affect the livelihood of millions of farmers in the state. The end result: the dispute, which is more than 125 years old, is still ON.

We have our own ways of aggravating the issues:

Who can stop us, if we declare ourselves insane? Who can stop us, if we decide to value pain & pleasure over right & wrong?  Who can stop us if we have a problem for all the solutions. Everyone is on an encashing mode. Channels eyeing TRP ratings, Politicians after popularity stunt & for anti-social elements, it's celebration time.  Both the states are still on the edge as a slightest spark can even ignite to a sporadic violence. In short, a state is declaring war against the other over water !!,   All these atrocities are happening in a country, where we were talking about Rivers Connect & festivals connect. We damage national properties....we burn our neighbors alive.....still we  boastfully claim “united we stand”.


It is difficult to understand who actually the sufferer is & who is gaining mileage out of it. One thing is clear….the loser is human MORALITY & our NATION.  To die with dignity, what we requires is few drops of water….Doesn’t matter whether it comes from Cauvery, Krishna or Ganga. What requires is compassion, which only humanity can provide. .

Regards.....Anil Panicker 

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