Friday, 9 September 2016

What's Stopping you Women?

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“I think women are foolish to pretend they are equal to men. They are far superior and always have been” William Golding

Why feeling inferior?

If woman is determined to rise, no power on this planet can stop that force.  Nature has given you so much. Power to create….Power to nurture…. Power to transform. What you need is.... embrace it. You have got the capabilities to transform lives.  You have got the magical Midas touch to make anything & everything larger. You make home out of house, sumptuous repast out of groceries & whole heart out of a simple smile.  You are capable of handling family & profession together & what is more commendable is you make best out of both worlds.  Women outnumber men in academics…In Bachelor’s degree, you are 23% ahead of men & when it comes to Master’s, you are ahead by 30%.  When it comes to sports, it is 2 among you, which helped India avoid a potentially embarrassing Olympic blackout. You are much more expressive than men. You are multi-fold caring than men.

Then what’s pulling you back?

Is it insecurity?  As per me, insecurity should be rated as an unfortunate personality trait. Never be so serious about that.  The fact is "many a times you forget to reckon your prowess". Please understand power is something you have to grab & never expect someone to drop-ship for you. 

Having family still a career barrier for women? A woman to have 2 children & raise them is a full time job. Across world, no consultant ever tried this. I am sure no one will ever...This is simply because you only can do that. You are manufacturing a next generation of people. How the world will be tomorrow will be determined by what kind of mothers one has today. In short, you are moulding sensible & responsible citizens. That’s why; a woman who cannot become a leader is a leader itself, because she produces the leaders for the future. 

How to correct it?

Failure happens when you compete for attention. Never do that. You may feel life as intimidating. Never bother about it. Try to learn when to walk away. Create your reality. But dare to live your life. Few tips are;

Don’t be a woman that needs a man…. Be a woman a man needs.
Never be an object, always be a subject.
Avoid too much of judging & gossiping.
Never ever live with worry & doubt.
Go away from your subconscious awareness on impending doom.
Settle for less....

It’s up to you to decide whether all these are feasible or Utopian. 

Piece of advice for men:

All the women in the world has a dark side as well. If provided with a crap, be ready to receive a ton of shit. So never mess around with a woman. Those who think women are not leaders are certainly not married. You have 2 choices… accept them as leaders or get married soon. 

I am sure, a woman driver at the helm of Formula 1 OR a female runner challenging Usain Bolt is not that far away....

All the very best....

Cheers....Anil Panicker

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