Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Cleanliness is not a Dirty Word

Swachh Bharat Mission, one of the greatest step our PM has initiated, is the main inspiration for me to post this blog. I really appreciate the effort taken by him to introspect the minuscule of issues. It is also commendable that he sets example himself for all the actions he initiated. I am sure, many intellectuals might have raised their eyebrows & termed this as whacky in the initial stage. I feel the other way. I am of the opinion that this mission could be the best thing ever happened to our country since independence.  Even such an act in our country requires 65 long years !! Anyway, better late than never. 

It is also decided to observe 30 th January of every year as National Cleanliness Day. In past as well, many such days were born in India. How many of them really made impact. It is our collective responsibility to ensure that National Cleanliness Day should not be a symbolic observance but should be a wake up call to all 127 crores of people to maintain high standards of cleanliness in our homes, workplace, roads, streets & public places. Even though, this day instigates the drive, the act should continue through out the year. Every Indian citizen must be his own scavenger. 

Many people avoid dirt & claim themselves as clean. This is wrong. A clean person never avoids dirt instead take time to tidy-up the dirt. I have a habit of throwing trash out of cars while on move & claims myself as clean. Cleanliness to us means our own house and materials. Society or the country never matters to us.  On a certain day, I threw something out of car when I was travelling with my family. My ten year old daughter noted this act & started giving me a lecture about Mission Swachh Bharat & need for adherence. My pleading of "such act wont be repeated" was not enough for an agreement. Finally, I had to pick the trash back & and kept with me till I could see a right disposable place. That was the impact this mission made on young minds. 

Cleanliness will be a part and parcel to those who have purity in mind. Clean surroundings are not only our home but all that surrounds the home. This is possible only when one practices random acts of cleanliness everyday. We may be highly successful in your own field but we may be termed as slob, if cleanliness is not part of our life. Cleanliness is rated as equal to degree of sense. Even in various religious belief system it is clearly mentioned that God likes those who keeps themselves & the environment pure and clean. As per QURAN, cleanliness is half of belief. 

Quoting Mahatma's words " Cleanliness is next to Godliness"

Together lets keep our country clean.


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