Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Crossing Lines !!!

Crossing lines can give mixed feelings as it purely depends on circumstances. For a Rugby player, crossing line is a success symbol. No one in the planet would know the feeling better than Usain Bolt, when he crossed the line at Berlin in 9.58 seconds. Recall the ecstasy dear Tortoise had after crossing the line to emerge as the winner against speedy Hare. But what about those fisher men who were taken to Pakistan's jail after crossing the international boarder line. In Ramayana, crossing a line cost Sita most of her life. (The flip side is that had Sita not crossed the line, Ram would not have killed Ravana as well.) 

There are Helplines which always offers you help & can approach them with out any hesitation. If you have to become successful in life, you have to cross the line which separates you from your comfort zone because life begins at the end of your comfort zone. Also remember, in religious belief system, crossed lines are the symbol of purity & supreme sacrifice. 


Today's youth who often languish in pleasure should know where exactly to draw & stay within the line as far as their crazy adventures and sex exploration are concerned. Argument with the boss can prolong till he yells out "you are crossing the line".  

Some people criticize others for crossing the line without actually realizing who has actually done it.  

Every line has it's significance. It should be sensible to analyze which to cross, which not to & which to refrain 

Have a great day... Regards Anil Panicker
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