Friday, 1 April 2016

The art of making friendship

The art of making friendship

How do you know you are with good people. When you do yourself something horrible or badly & no one is bothering to stop you, then I strongly feel you are with wrong people. But it has a flip side as well. Why they are behaving to you like this. Why they are not stopping you from bad deeds. Why can't you get along with them & make them your friends. 

Even though everyone around you are of different types but please understand  " no one is all evil" . But it is our perception on that individual which determines whether someone is good or bad & we start behaving to him in that fashion. If you are capable of enhancing your perception & able to find out the GOOD in everyone, they will certainly be good to you as well. Means you will be surrounded with only good people, good thoughts & positivity.  But if you are a master of finding evil from others, everything goes in a haphazard manner & please analyse who is going to be the loser.  

How this is possible: 

We can start with the best, the greatest still the most economical panacea for all ills. Yes, it is "smile" which is abundant with every one. Use freely. 

Next step is Just wait..... Most of the problems & misunderstanding happens when you are not giving enough time. When you are angry with someone or pissed off with somebody, I am sure you haven't given them enough time. You need to understand some people requires less time while others a lot. Just give them some more time. When you wait, I am sure people will surprise & impress you...

Now.. Go out.... make everyone your true friends & enjoy your life


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