Saturday, 2 April 2016

A Day in LIFE

The whole day was not good for me. You know what's the reason. 

Getting restless as Summer in Mumbai is picking up. Mosquitoes are working overtime. They feel I am only delicious. Severe water shortage makes me think thrice at least twice before flushing. While on roads, people just don't obey traffic rules & this makes me feel terrible. Traffic was horrible. The rickshaws as usual occupied the entire roads. I tried to jump the signal but was halted due to an intruding rickshaw. I looked at him with a fuming face & he too flashed a nasty one at me. I even cried why don't these rickshaws call for yet another strike. The condition of the roads were appalling.  In totality I am pissed off. Nothing is going right. 

I just stopped the car. I was thinking why nothing is going right. I thought of taking 'Google's help. I often do this. I entered "nothing is going right what should I do" Here comes the answer " If nothing goes right... go left "  Little confused.. Should I curse myself or this search engine. This stupidity cost me an extra 5 minutes. Needless to say I am late by 20 minutes to the office. Was the Boss's face glowering.. I couldn't read properly. After couple of minutes, with an "I don't care" attitude, went to his room. He was in pretty good mood. May be he would have reached late too. He wished me " Have a Good Day... I murmured " If you really wish, send me home". I was looking for the office boy to have some water & coffee. It is always easy to find a black cat in a dark room but not this man. For a change he appeared... I asked what I need. Another 10 minutes both came to my table. The water was warm but not coffee. Decided to be more wiser this time. Before getting more colder, Just gulped the coffee. I just opened my bag, connected my laptop. One more problem. This time no network connection. I am lost now... Why such a day. I started feeling this day as the most horrendous day in my life.

Friends, Many of you must have come across such days in life. What we normally do .... blaming others, cursing self & finally label that day as the most horrible. Now Let me start my journey once again.  

I  got up in the morning...Please understand about 1 million people who goes to bed never wake up to a next day morning... I am not part of that 1 million. I have got 24 hours of extension to my life. Should I worry or should I believe I am blessed. I just looked through the window & I could see people standing in long queue to have their biological needs. At least I have a home. Should I worry or should I believe I am blessed. While on my move, I saw a bunch of people running madly behind a bus who is not even bothered to stop. When these drivers behave like this, the respite for Mumbaikers are their favorite "Rickshaw's". If they are on strike means half of Mumbai goes stranded. I should not have even imagined of that. I just started my stereo.. it was playing a nice song from an Indian biographical film " Manjhi - The mountain man". The story was of a poor labourer from Bihar, India who with his back-breaking labour carved a path for more than 110 meters, using only a chisel and hammer. This act helped the entire villagers to gain access to a nearby village for medical-care which wasn't possible till that time. When we have people who initiated such actions &  underwent huge sufferings, what am I doing. Simply sitting in the car & make a survey of the appalling condition of our roads. Had an opportunity, I would have jumped the signal which means preaching perfectionism is easier said than done. 

Friends, The life is like a Road journey.  It's your road and yours alone. Others may walk with you but no one can walk it for you... Not even "Google".  How many times you must have wished your office boy. How may times you must have inquired about him & his families well beings. By expecting a hot coffee, you are worried only about your well-beings. Does worrying settle your internet connection issue. What you can do is Inform the concerned & till that time you take a relaxing round. This time can be used for having a chat with all your colleagues which will re-charge & make you fit for the day's work. 

The Problem is not the problem. The actual problem is your attitude about the problem. Change your attitude. I am sure you yourself will feel blessed. 

I am enjoying a hot coffee now.... Do you

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