Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Technology made you BIGGER or JOYFUL ?

From the very childhood we often represent our earth as epitome of Gigantism. Does the same earth has become smaller these days. The answer is YES, if you see from social media perspective. It has helped you to connect with anyone & everyone on this planet within a matter of few clicks. The modern technology makes it easy for people to communicate even when they are in different hemispheres of the world. It has become so facile nowadays to know the whereabouts, work movements & achievements of friends & relatives. 

The impact of technical advancement are so big that the humans started considering themselves as bigger than the planet. Some young kids are so expert in dealing gadgets which makes their parents feel that the entire Cosmos is on their finger tips. There are people thinking that the planet not goes around the Sun but actually goes around them. Some of them feels they are immortal. Yes, we have advanced so much. Never before another generation of people having as comfortable as we are today. All this makes us feel like super humans. 

But are we the most joyful one?  No.. not at all. Why? Why are we still miserable? This means it is not the technological advancement which determines the human life to become joyful or miserable. Then what decides this? 

First & foremost is to know the interiority. No one is immortal as everyone comes with expiry dates. People will start loving each other, if everyone accepts this profound realization in life. Next is sharing. Conquering never makes life complete but sharing does. Real life doesn't come from getting everything but it comes from sharing with the people who matter. Only the act of sharing will give you the immense joy you are looking for. 

Let us use the technological advancement for sharing & caring... I am sure we all will have joyful life......

Cheers... Anil Panicker

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