Sunday, 24 April 2016

Your Ideal of a Truly Great Man

I am of the opinion that every man in this world has his own human greatness. Only the platforms may be different. Some worship power, some worship knowledge, some worship service & some worship true love. But my vision about the truly great man is different. 

According to me, the truly great man should be the person who has influenced your life more than anything. He should be the person whom one should know & feel best. That’s why my ideal of a truly great man is none other than my father. He is the man who has influenced me most & get to know me the best. He is the one I see the most and have known for a long time.  He always stands by my side & whenever I fall down, he encourages me to stand up by myself. He may skip any of his comforts, but all these years, I have not seen him saying NO to any of my demands, even at the time of dire straits. He always encourages me for higher education & made me understand the value of education. He also taught me the right behaviors & manners. He gave me the greatest gift anyone could give another person, he believed in me. Yes, I admire him as the truly great man of my life.

Throughout life he taught me the importance of being & staying positive with confidence & honesty. He always says “If you lie to someone means you are lying yourself. Various occasions, he proved to me that every bad situation in the world begins with a lie. He always emphasizes the importance of staying positive. As per him, even a dead clock shows correct time twice a day. He taught me things that I need in life. Throughout his life, he is always been selfless. One of the greatest thing I have observed from my father is even though he loves me so much, he never get lost in the labyrinth of unfounded love and criticized me strongly for all wrong doings and drawbacks. This helped me to become more sensible in life. I will give full credit to him for whatever I achieve in my life. I can proudly say he is & he will be my Ideal of a Truly Great Man. 


Anil Panicker

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