Friday, 22 April 2016

Earth Day : April 22

Today is the day of our Earth. Yes, April 22 nd is celebrated as Earth Day. & the theme identified for the year is  "Trees for the Earth" On this day, leaders from 160+ countries will officially sign the Climate Agreement which was discussed & finalized in Paris a year back. Hope there will be some respite for our Earth and some respect for it's inhabitants in future. 

The brutal exploitation of the Earth by humans started around 100 years back & is still continuing in gruesome manner. Our activities may or may not be deliberate. But all we need to understand that our poor Earth is taking the toll in the most heaviest manner.  The concept of Earth Day started in 1970 after a devastating oil spill in Santa Barbara where entire ocean was contaminated & in turn eliminated millions and millions of water inhabitants. This created a huge uproar among the natural lovers across globe which resulted in the formation of Earth Day  The main intention was to enhance appreciation for nature & to ensure dedicated support for its protection. 

Of late,  Earth day has gained so much popularity & is being seen as the largest and the most impact face of environmental movement.  It is great to see that more than 190 counties celebrate Earth Day every year. Even though experts are trying their level best to keep global warming under 1.5 degree Celsius, the onus lies on every individual as well.  This day should be a reminder to treat earth with kindness

How can we work towards this  

Societies & communities can focus on following

1) Planting surroundings with enough tress
2) Raising awareness about proper re-cycling
3) Volunteering green projects
4) Reducing the amount of energy we consume 
5) Make use of most of the wind, water & solar resources for energy creation. 

Any normal person can be part of Earth Day without attending an event as well. Some of them are: 

Today you ensure you walk to work
Today, you have a coffee in a reusable cup
Go paperless at least for today.
Plant a tree
Let today be a day of meat and dairy free

It is high time we should understand the importance of Trees. Only Trees can absorb the excess CO 2 from atmosphere. It is also proved beyond point that 1 acre of mature trees absorbs the CO 2 generated from 25000 miles of motor driving. Trees help us breathe clean air  & most importantly it provides food energy and Income. It is much appreciable to note as an initial drive, this year it is decided to plant 7.8 Billion trees across globe.

Come on & be a part of this drive. Let's start now & let's not stop. Let us together make Earth day as the most important day in our life.  


Anil Panicker

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