Saturday, 30 April 2016

Politically Exposed

Of late, everyone gets to see lot of politicians on the roads. No surprise… elections are nearing. Many of them are visiting their constituencies after a long gap. Some of them seem perplexed while others look desperate. Some of them trying to recollect the promises & commitments made during the last campaign while others trying to cover up the ignominious act which might have happened during the tenure. Anyway, all are back in action. Colorful hoardings & cutouts occupied the entire constituency.

Why our current politicians requires all such marketers. In spite this, why they still flounder? Without any such hype, how come people like Gandhi & Sardar Patel became our inspiration? Every action they initiated, millions of people followed them.  Today’s politicians find it extremely difficult to add followers list, even though, “following” has become as simple as click of a button now. In my opinion, the following qualities separate them from current politicians.

 Humility: The humbleness made the entire nation attracted towards them.   
      Ability:  Their potential to analyze & address the issues made millions their followers.

Dear politicians: India prospers only when common man impressed. You only will have to be blamed if you fail to do so. 

Regards.....Anil Panicker
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